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If you are wanting to boost your traffic and learn how to implement awesome Pinterest strategies to grow your blog, then of course, learning from the top Pinterest courses is highly recommended. I mean, why not learn from someone who has already tested out some strategies, found out what works and what doesn’t, and is now sharing their secrets with us?

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But trust me, I know. With so many top Pinterest courses in the market, it’s hard to decide between them all. And how do you know you have found the right one?

To be honest, there can be more than one “right one.” The reason for this is because every blogger, hence every course, teaches different strategies that worked for them. It’s up to you to take what you have learned from the courses, test them and see if they work for you too!

I have taken a few courses to help grow my blog only within a couple of months. And that’s why I personally love these top Pinterest courses below (because they actually helped me, and can help you too)! And don’t worry, the beginners course is FREE!

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The Courses

These courses were created by two sister bloggers, Lucrezia and Marina. And let me tell you, they are awesome! They run one of the best Facebook groups for bloggers, which you can read more on here.

They created a series of top Pinterest courses to help bloggers from all experience levels. I personally have taken all three (yes, I like to learn from experts 😅) so will share with you a bit on each course and what I found most valuable.

Pinterest For New Bloggers

So out of all the other Pinterest courses, what I think makes these unique is the fact that are are several, depending on your experience level. This allows YOU to choose how detailed and how in-depth you want to get into learning about the ins and outs of Pinterest.

There are two editions of Pinterest for New Bloggers.

Free Email Course Edition

This one is the “intro” level Pinterest course. And I say “intro” lightly because it actually shares more information than other intro Pinterest courses. For being a FREE COURSE (yes, that’s right – FREE), it has SO MUCH information.

This free edition is a 9-day email course with step-by-step lessons and homework assignments to help boost your blog traffic using Pinterest.

And don’t worry, the homework assignments are not graded but do help you head into the right direction.

Like I said, this course offers so much detailed information that it is an absolute no brainer to enroll. Some of my favorite topics that it covers includes:

  • creating boards and pins for your own profile
  • all about using Tailwind as a scheduler
  • about Pinterest group boards
  • how to gain Pinterest followers

These topics are typically not included in other free top Pinterest courses so is a huge resource when just starting out or on a budget. And of course, it covers the basics to help you get started from the beginning.

Honestly, I had taken a paid Pinterest course elsewhere prior to signing up to this one. And though that course was extremely valuable as well, I still learned some new things from this free version!

So what are you waiting for? You can easily enroll for free here and test it out for yourself!

Premium Edition

A level up from the free edition is their Pinterest for New Bloggers (Premium Edition). There is a small cost to this one as goes into even more detail than was provided in the free email course (but it’s totally worth it!).

But after you have completed all the homework assignments from the email course, I assure you that you will want to know more!

Why? Well because you will see immediate results from the free version. This means that if you had even more knowledge, those results could grow even more, and quicker.

At least, this was the case for me. So for that reason, I decided to invest into the Premium Edition they offer (I wanted to learn more about what was working for them). And by the time I had finished implementing the other Pinterest strategies, I felt ready to move onto the next step.

This course offers 11 modules, some of my favorite topics are listed below:

  • Making Pinterest Trust You – (like huh, what do you mean Pinterest has to trust me?)
  • further details on group boards
  • further details on creating the perfect pins
  • and pretty much just more details on all the topics covered in the free email course

This course is for you if you are serious about gaining blog traffic using Pinterest, but are still not to familiar with the social platform. I like to think of this one as the “intermediate” or “medium” level course.

But if you believe you are at a stage where you can skip the Premium (because maybe you’re a bit more familiar with Pinterest already), I would go straight to the advanced course – Pinterest from P to T.

Pinterest from P to T (Advanced)

A special thanks to TinyBug for gifting me this course to review.

Whoa! I just finished going through this course and there is still so much that I have yet to implement. They are not kidding when they say this is the advanced Pinterest course. I even started a to-do checklist!

However, they do summarize the beginners course information for you here just in case you need to reference back to it (which you will). 😅

I kid you not when I say I had to pull up a Word file to take notes on this course (yes, I’m that kind of student, but hey, it works)! Even though I had taken two Pinterest courses before this, I was surprised at how much more there was left to learn. So out of all the top Pinterest courses I have taken, this one is definitely a top favorite!

Some major key takeaways I learned from this course were related to group boards, the fact that Pinterest followers ARE important (everyone else says they’re not) and a bit more on the Pinterest algorithm and how it works.

Plus did you know that you are able to follow TOPICS on Pinterest and not just people?? I didn’t. So I was mind blown when I learned it in this course. This would have be useful to know back when I was on the other side of Pinterest. 😂

The Pinterest from P to T course offers pre-reading material (super helpful if you are skipping ahead to this edition), and 7 intense and super-detailed modules.

Some of my favorite components of this course are:
  • The pre-reading material as it is a super detailed summary of the basics and what was covered in the Premium Edition
  • Learning about the Pinterest algorithm to understand when and how you pin will be shown to users
  • How to choose your blog topics to be the most successful
  • How to create the best clickable pins that will actually drive blog traffic
  • plus so much more!

Like I said, I have a checklist of items I still need to implement. 😅 But I can tell you that for the items I have implemented due to this course, have already helped me gain more blog traffic. 50% of my traffic is organic traffic from Pinterest!

This course is a bit higher than the Premium Edition (but not as much as some other ones I’ve seen). So if you have the means, I highly recommend you skip the Premium and start with Pinterest from P to T here.

So many Pinterest courses to choose from huh? Well, lucky for you, I have tried them all and know which to recommend to you based on where you are today!

  • Free Email Course – beginners not familiar with Pinterest and wanting to test it out
  • Premium Course – intermediates somewhat familiar with Pinterest and wanting to grow your blog
  • Advanced Course – very familiar with Pinterest and wanting to learn more details on specific strategies to boost traffic

Ready to Become Pinterest Experts?

Regardless of whichever course you take, you will see results as long as you actually implement what you are learning. You get out what you put in. I’ve only recently in Mid-November and have seen significant improvements all around.

Have you taken any of these courses? Did you find this post helpful? Do you have any other questions related to Pinterest or these courses? Please leave a comment below as I would love to help and support you through this blogging journey!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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