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Quick and Easy Pins Within Minutes Using RelayThat

Raise your hand if it has been taking you way longer than it should to create Pinterest pins? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Yup, same here. Thankfully, RelayThat has came to save the day. Because ever since the new 2020 Pinterest algorithm update, we bloggers have been forced to continuously push out fresh pins into the platform.

So if the majority of your traffic is coming from Pinterest, then you need to keep Pinterest happy if you don’t want to see a dip in your blog traffic. Unfortunately, this also means that creating pins has become more of a chore than a fun blogging task.

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But this is exactly what RelayThat has been able to help me with. And thankfully, they currently have a lifetime access deal that I snatched up as soon as I saw it (psst.. you can too).

It has honestly given me back so much time that I can spend focusing on other money making tasks. But of course, not every blogging tool is perfect.

So below, I’ll share the pros and cons with you, along with my honest RelayThat review and a free video tutorial on how to use it.

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pros and cons to design graphic tool relaythat

Pros & Cons of RelayThat

Like I said, every blogging tool is not perfect. They all have their own perks and “flaws.” But that’s what makes them so unique.

RelayThat is no different. There are things that I love about the platform, but there are also things that I dislike and wish were different.

But in a way, the things I wish were different are likely due to me being used to something else (*cough cough Canva*).

However, RelayThat did this on purpose. They actually like to say they are “better.” So anywho, below is the list of pros and cons I found with this blogging tool.


I gotta say, the features that RelayThat brings to bloggers is pretty amazing. But I’ll let you be the judge of that. Here are the top 3 pros to using RelayThat to make design graphics.

1) Quick and easy Pinterest pins

Of course, one of the biggest RelayThat pros is that it helps you pump out tons of Pinterest pins within a matter of minutes. Nope, I am not even exaggerating (even though I thought the same thing when I read it from someone else).

But after testing it out myself, it turns out that yup, it definitely helps you create a pin per minute. How? Well, you pretty much just plug in your content (text, image and logo), and then it’ll auto-create pin layout options for you!

I’ll share my full video tutorial on how to do this below but for now, here’s a sneak peak at how it does this for you.

relaythat screenshot of features

2) One-click resize feature

In addition to auto-creating new Pinterest templates for you based on the content you entered, it also has an awesome resize feature for pretty much anything you could want (social media, flyers etc).

The resize feature in RelayThat is different than others because it doesn’t only resize the template – it actually resizes everything in it as well!

Let’s say for example, I really liked the new pin I just created and wanted to use it as my YouTube video cover. With two clicks, it would not only resize the whole thing, but it would also give me layout options to pick from. Take a look below at what I mean.

relaythat resize feature screenshot

3) Huge time saver

As you can see, RelayThat takes care of so much of the work for you. Yeah, you may need to do a few minor edits to your graphics to make them look exactly how you want, but the edits will be minimal.

So by RelayThat doing most of the work for you, you save on soo much time from doing these “chore” tasks. This is precious time that you get back to focus on other blogging tasks that need to be complete.

So instead of spending hours creating Pinterest pins for the week, RelayThat can have you covered in much less time. Don’t miss out on this limited time lifetime access deal and start focusing on your money making tasks.

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But like I said, not everything is perfect. RelayThat does have its limitations, some of which you would have to get accustomed to. I personally don’t mind these cons as much, but I’m laying them out here for you to have the full picture.

1) Not as customizable

So RelayThat is not as customizable as Canva, which is what I am used to. That’s probably why I sometimes still get frustrated and then still hop over there to make my graphics.

But honestly, I’m pretty sure this was the full intention of RelayThat. They are trying to help us be more productive by spending less time creating graphics. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be giving us all these pre-made templates for us to use.

So although they have less customizable features, they still have everything you need to make your pins and blog graphics faster.

2) A slight learning curve

Because I am so used to a different platform, there was definitely a small learning curve to using this new tool. I had to play around with the features quite a bit and even still, sometimes I forget that I cannot do certain things.

Just like any new tool you get, you’re always going to have to mess around with it to truly get it figured out. RelayThat is no different. You will have to spend time on the tool and the more you use it, the better you will get.

But to try to make it a bit easier for you, I’ll go through the features and how to create your pins in the video tutorial below.

3) Limited workspaces

Okay what in the world are workspaces? RelayThat’s workspace definition is “an ever-evolving collection of all the assets that make up a single brand, including colors, images, fonts and text.”

This is pretty much like having multiple campaign templates in one place. You would upload whatever images you want to use for a specific campaign, set your font and write your text. Then, RelayThat would take care of all the graphics you would use for that campaign.

With this lifetime access deal, you only get 5 workspaces. However, this isn’t necessarily a big deal, especially if you’re primarily using this tool to create pins for Pinterest. And yup, of course I’ll also walk you through this in my video as well.

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How To Use RelayThat for Pinterest & More

Yay! Now you know the pros and cons of RelayThat with the cons not even being so bad.

But it’s time to go through the juicy part of this post (and probably the real reason why you’re here). It’s time to walk you through the different features RelayThat offers in this limited time lifetime deal, along with how to use the tool to create quick and easy Pinterest graphics.

Let’s start with a quick glance at the tool itself and it’s features in the video below.

Recorded with Screencast-O-Matic

How awesome does this tool look? Yes, it’s look a bit different than what you’re probably used to but trust me, it’s not as bad.

And I’m actually going to walk you through a demo on how to create Pinterest pins fast using RelayThat.

Recorded with Screencast-O-Matic

How are you feeling now about this awesome tool? I think it’s pretty cool and really does help me push out the 10 pins I at minimum need for my blogs. Plus, their pins look amazing and high-quality, which is exactly what Pinterest wants to see.

So lastly, I’ll cover my overall RelayThat review and what my thoughts are on the tool. Although, I’m pretty sure you can already guess if I recommend this tool or not LOL.

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Overall RelayThat Review

So overall, I definitely think that it’s an amazing blogging resource to have. I had actually heard about it a while back, but when I took a look at it and saw the regular cost, I backed away.

At a glance, it does look a bit intimidating and complex which is why I didn’t even want to bother going for it. I mean, I was already content with the tool I had been using before. However, I guess I should point out that this was all before the new 2020 Pinterest algorithm update.

So what about the price point? I keep mentioning this amazing lifetime deal but you don’t even know the true cost comparison. So here it is below.

relaythat review pricing
Click here to grab your limited time only lifetime access deal

The Entrepreneur and Enterprise pricing came directly from the RelayThat website. We obviously don’t run an enterprise so our comparable option would be the Entrepreneur package… which is EXACTLY the same as what they are offering via AppSumo.

Crazy isn’t it? But that’s because AppSumo deals don’t last forever.

So if you don’t want to miss out on this unbelievable price, grab your lifetime access here. You’ll pretty much only be paying for two months, but then the tool is yours to keep forever!

It’s time to stop spending more time than we should creating fresh pins. Let this tool help you make quick and easy quality pins and graphics for your blog and social media.

make pinterest pins fast with relaythat

Time To Spend Less Time Creating Pins

Now that you know this amazing pin saving hack, are you ready to go make some?

If so, remember to grab the deal before it ends, because it won’t last forever.

(And yup, the pins I used in this post came directly from RelayThat of course.)

Do you have other pin saving hacks I should know about? Drop them in the comments below because I would love to know!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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