Crazy Awesome Benefits to Joining My Facebook Group for Bloggers

Hey blogger friends 🥰, it’s Lucy here with some exciting news! But first let me start off by saying how much I appreciate each and every one of you for helping me develop my blog. Now, I want to return the favor by adding yet another resource to help us grow our blogs even further! That is why I have decided to start my own Facebook group for bloggers!

I LOVE all the interaction and networking we have done in other Facebook groups and has inspired me to build another blogging community for us!

Because seriously guys – I’ve only been blogging for less than 6 months and am already seeing a continuous blog growth trend every month. This has allowed me to monetize my blog in such a short amount of time. And I can 100% say that this is thanks to you guys being super supportive by answering my dozens of questions in the other blogger groups as well as sharing my content.

And after some time of research, I have finally put together a new awesome group for us to grow our blogs together. Ready for the name? Drum roll please….

Catchy huh? Keep reading to find out what makes this Facebook group for bloggers different and what the benefits are to you!

Purpose of the Group

Very similar to the other Facebook groups for bloggers that I am a part of (and will continue to be), I want this group to be an extremely supportive community for bloggers at all levels, beginners to experienced and all niches. This is your safe-zone to ask any blogging questions or request assistance from the group members and vice versa.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I’m NOT a blog expert. I am learning right there alongside you (which is one thing that will make this group different). I do not have any e-courses I’ve created to sell to you, but I do have blogging resources and tools that have helped me develop and grow my blog in such a short amount of time.

As I learn new information and test new blogging tools and courses, I will share those with you. And again, the purpose of my Facebook group for bloggers is to grow our blogs. So of course this means it has sharing threads! 🎉 But we’ll get to that in a minute.

And part of growing your blog, means to monetize! Even if you have not considered monetizing your blog yet, it doesn’t hurt to get some additional income flowing into your household. One of the sharing threads is specific to this topic.

Do I have you attention yet? Great! Let’s get into the actual benefits of joining this group!

Perks to Joining

I’m telling you, I’ve been doing my research! And the fact that I’m pretty active in the other Facebook group for bloggers means I have an idea or two on how to make this group beneficial for us all. Now, the more specific guidelines for each of the below will be covered in the Group Rules so make sure you keep reading and don’t stop here!

So let’s dive into the perks to joining Newbie and Expert Bloggers Unite 🥂

Promote Your Blog

Unlike many groups, they are a strict No Self Promo group. But not here. In fact, I WANT us to promote our blogs – that’s how we get it out to more viewers right? I mean don’t get me wrong, there are guidelines to ensure this remains fair for all (and are covered in the Group Rules below) but how can we grow if we can’t share our posts right?

Ways Allowed to Promote Your Blog

  • Introductory post on main wall when joining the group
  • Sharing threads
  • Blog support & feedback threads
  • Share your posts in comments that help answer questions
  • Bi-weekly self-promo on main wall

Whoa, that’s a lot of self-promotion chances!

Ask Your Questions

Have a question related to blogging? Post it on the main wall for people to chime in! Don’t worry, as long as your post does not break any rules, it will be approved quickly so you can receive prompt feedback. I may or may not have an answer but someone in the group might!

Remember, this is your safe-zone so there are no dumb questions. Ask away!

Share Your Post That Answers the Question

Like I said, I don’t have blogging e-courses (sorry, I’m not an expert… yet 😉). But I have been able to monetize and double my blog traffic monthly since I launched mid-November 2019, so I know a thing or two. And if I don’t, someone in the group might! So yes, if you have a blog post that can help answer another blogger’s question, then PLEASE SHARE IT. We’re here to support how we can and if it worked for you, it might work for someone else. It will be entirely up to them to decide who’s advise to follow.

Examples of this include:

  • Someone asks a question related to affiliate marketing – if you have a post that you have written or a post that helped you learn, please share it
  • If someone asks to connect with other bloggers within same niche (Motherhood for example) – please share your blog or a social media account to connect

Get the idea? But please be genuine and do not share anything you don’t actually find valuable. But more on this in the Group Rules.

Monetize Your Blog

And we want to monetize our blogs, don’t we? So why aren’t we helping each other out with affiliate programs and tips on starting a money making blog? Well, those days are over! We will have some sharing threads that will specifically focus on helping us make some additional cash! 🤑 But wait, don’t skip ahead just yet.

Network, Network & Network!

Lastly, what’s the whole point on sharing and helping each other if we don’t make an effort to actually connect with other bloggers? Networking is the key to success and is true for ANY career, including blogging. So be kind to one another, help each other out and then connect with other bloggers in your same niche (or more if you’d like). We’re all in this together. Plus, it’s a great way to have someone on your side that actually understands what you are going through and wanting to accomplish.

Now these are some awesome perks! I am excited to go on this new blogging journey with you all! Now let’s get into the fun stuff – the sharing and support threads.

To be notified of more awesomeness including blogging tips, freebies and giveaways, sign up below!

Sharing Threads

Alright, so we have a love-hate relationship with sharing threads, don’t we? 😂 If you’re not sure what I’m referring to or are unfamiliar with sharing threads, you can find out here.

Here is the daily sharing thread schedule:

  • Monday – Instagram Follows or Engagement
  • Tuesday – Pinterest Follows or Re-Pins
  • Wednesday – Blog Comments or Shares
  • Thursday – Social Follows or Engagement
  • Friday – Facebook Follows or Engagement
  • Saturday – Self-Promo
  • Sunday (bi-weekly) – Affiliates Promo / Self-Promo

For the most part, these are self-explanatory with the exception of the weekend. So let’s cover those in more detail.

Self-Promo (share anything)

So this is pretty much where you can share and request any type of engagement. This can be followers on a social media account, comments or shares of a blog post, request email subscribers or even promote any item you sell! The floor is yours (except direct affiliate links, we’ll cover that in group rules).

Affiliates Promo (bi-weekly)

Aha! I bet you have never seen this thread and you know what, I’m shocked! Affiliate programs are used by almost every blogger (since it’s the easiest way to earn passive income) so now let’s help each other monetize our blogs.

affiliates self promo thread for facebook group for bloggers

The purpose of this thread is to obviously help each other make some extra sales! Whether you have a post sharing some great gift ideas with Amazon links, or one covering everything you need to take with you to a travel destination with links to Walmart / Target etc., share them here!

Chances are, we already shop at these locations so why not get some more ideas from our fellow blogger friends and help each other out? So whenever someone has a purchase to make or needs ideas on what to get, they can easily refer back to this thread, click through someone’s post and help give a sale! You can also support by sharing their post to your followers to help increase the post views.

The purpose of this thread is very simple, but there are some rules.

Every two weeks, I will post a sharing thread for you to add your promoting blog post. No direct links as it is against many affiliate partners terms so only blog post with links will be allowed. An affiliate disclosure must also be clearly stated before any affiliate links in your post.

Add your post to the thread and if you can, support by making a purchase within the next two weeks (before the next thread). If you know your husband’s birthday is coming up, or maybe Christmas is around the corner, you’ll know where to look first! But to keep it fair, only add your post if you know you will have or are interested in making some online purchases or if you will share the post to your followers.

And once you’ve been inspired to make your purchase when clicking through someone’s post, like or comment on their submission. Do not add any links to your reply.

Like I said, this has never been done before (at least to my knowledge) so let’s make the most of it! Let’s be fair and follow the rules as I would hate to remove this thread if it becomes unmanageable. But I know we have nothing to worry about, right? 😉

And lastly, we will also have a Monthly Email List sharing thread to help our subscribers list grow!

Update: As of May 2020 – we have added three niche-specific weekly threads! 🎉 So if you’re a Motherhood / Parenting, Self-Care / Growth or Travel blogger, you’re one of the lucky ones!

Well that is it! Sounds like some cool sharing threads huh? These will be posted every morning to give everyone plenty of time before starting the day to add their links. You will then have 24 hours once the thread has closed to complete your part.

As the group gets bigger, I also plan on adding some niche specific threads to make it easier for us to network so make sure you invite others to join the group!

And to make sure you get the most out of these sharing threads, and ensure you are playing by the rules, check out this post here.

Support Threads

Now what in the world are support threads? Well, some of you may know because YOU REQUESTED IT. Yup, I listened.

Now these are not meant to be self-promo threads as there is already plenty of opportunity for that. These threads are specific to helping each other answer specific blogging topics or questions we all need to know.

Here are some examples of the support threads:

support thread in facebook group for bloggers

Even if you don’t blog about blogging, please still leave feedback on these threads as we are here to help each other grow! And if you have a question related to this specific thread, then it is the perfect time to ask as people will already be looking at it.

There will also be feedback, networking and share a win threads. Be on the lookout for these kind of support threads every other day! And of course, feel free to reach out to me with any support thread requests and I would be happy to look into it!

group rules for newbie and expert bloggers unite facebook group

Group Rules

The purpose of this Facebook group for bloggers is to support one another and to grow our blogs into a profitable business. I ask that you please follow and respect the rules so we can all benefit from the group and build a great blogging community. ♥

  • Read Group Rules: That’s what you’re doing right now so yay, you’re already following Rule #1! Please continue to read the rest of the rules as not following them may lead to be either muted or removed from the group (which I really don’t want to do).
  • Read Announcements upon approval. Upon receiving acceptance into the group, you agree to visit the Announcements section and read the posts listed there. These include critical information regarding the group to avoid your posts not being approved or getting removed from the group.
  • Read sharing threads rules prior to commenting. Sharing threads will be posted daily (schedule above). Please make sure to each thread rules prior leaving your comment and reciprocate as required. Don’t leave your link and run! You can find my sharing thread best practices here.
  • No overlapping links or posts. For any overlapping affiliate links / posts (ex. you and I both have Tailwind affiliate links or you and I both have a blogging resources list post), please kindly refer any member questions or comments to my Blog Resources post or Blogging Resources Toolkit (unless on Affiliate Promo Thread).
  • No direct affiliate links are allowed. Posts with affiliate links that answer another member’s question are okay to comment.
  • Do not hijack any posts. I am allowing self-promotion in this group via comments but PLEASE BE GENUINE. Only share quality content that will provide the fellow blog member value. Do not hijack any posts and leave an unrelated link that does not answer the question asked.
  • No spammy comments or posts. Do not go through and link drop on multiple comment threads. This would put you in Facebook jail anyways and removal from the group. All comment replies with a self-promo link should have a description to let the blogger know what valuable information they can find on your link. This includes no spam posts with non-blogging related material.
  • No links or self-promo posts allowed on main wall (there is plenty of other self-promo opportunities). These type of posts are only allowed on the main wall on introductory post & on bi-weekly promo wall days. When posting these links, please use hashtags #welcome and #promo, respectfully. This helps keep the wall clear and visible for member questions, comments, feedback, inspiration, struggles and wins. Posts not following this rule will not be approved.
  • Please be kind and genuine with one another. Absolutely ZERO tolerance for hatred, bullying or discrimination of any kind. We are are bloggers here to learn and to help each other.
  • Engage and have fun! This group is meant to be interactive and lead to lifetime blog friends. Without interaction or engagement, we can’t help each other grow our blogs. So let’s make this an awesome blog group, boost our traffic and monetize our blogs!

Breaking any of these rules may lead to removal from the group. I reallyyyy don’t want to do this so please follow the rules. They are easy and common ones you should already be following anyways 😉

Are you ready to join this awesome group to grow and monetize your blog? I hope so! Yes, it’s a new group but I have been working on pre-material for the group for monthsss now to ensure it is 100% beneficial for everyone who joins.

Click here to request to join this awesome community!

Request to Join Now!

Request to join here and invite your friends too! We are all here to boost our blogging business and take it to the next level. My goal is to make this the best and most engaged Facebook group for bloggers ever! So see you in there 👋🏻

What are your thoughts on this new Facebook group for bloggers? Do you have any additional feedback or requests? Please share your thoughts with me below as I would love to hear your input!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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