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My Facebook Group Rules and Why You Should Join

So you found my Facebook group for bloggers and need to know my Facebook group rules, huh? 

But at the same time, you’re probably wondering what makes Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite different from the other Facebook groups for bloggers and if it’s the right group for you. 

Don’t worry I totally get it and I truly want the best for you.

For that reason, I’m taking the time to explain what this group is all about in full detail along with my Facebook group rules to help you feel confident about joining our blogging community. 

Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. Though the opinions remain my own

Purpose of the Group

Very similar to the other Facebook groups for bloggers that I’m a part of (and will continue to be), the purpose of this group is to be an extremely supportive community for bloggers at all levels, beginners to experienced and in all niches. 

This is your safe-zone to ask any blogging questions or request assistance from the group members and vice versa.

Prior to creating my group about a year ago, I took notes of these other groups to see what I liked about them and what was missing from each. They’re all so different so I wanted to combine what seemed to be the favorite benefits to all these groups into one. 

As someone who’s been in the business world for a decade though I’ve only been blogging for two years, my blogs have grown and began earning an income a few months in. 

Now I want to help you achieve the same thing too.

As I learn new information, test new blogging tools or create more blogging courses, I‘ll share those with you. 

The goal of this Facebook group is to help you grow your blog traffic and make money blogging

We’ll do this by answering your questions, providing feedback for your site or social media channels and more. 

We’re all in here for the same reason so the support of this group is amazing. There are no dumb questions.

Plus, we’ll celebrate your blogging wins with you because it’s nice to share them with people who actually understand LOL. So although this is a quick summary of the group, let’s go into the detailed benefits you’ll receive as an intermediate or new blogger when joining this Facebook group here.

Perks to Joining

I’m telling you, I did my research and have put together an awesome group that will be beneficial to you. 

So before we get into my Facebook group rules, let’s share the benefits and perks you’ll gain from joining this blogging community. 

Receive answers to all your blogging questions

Look, starting a blog isn’t easy. It’s actually a lot of work and can become overwhelming and confusing real quick. 

And unfortunately, there are actually some “experts” out there who aren’t setting you up for success. It’s a shame that some aren’t honest about the real beginner blogger mistakes and what you actually should be focusing on during your first month of blogging

But not here. This group has members and blog experts that truly want the best for you and are always willing to answer any question you may have.

Simply post your blogging question on the main wall and you’ll at minimum, always receive an answer directly from me. It’s almost as if you have a blogging coach on-call LOL.

And if I’m unsure, I’ll be sure to tag another blog expert or find an answer for you.

So come ask all and any of your blogging questions. And remember, there are no dumb questions. 

If you’re wondering about it, someone else likely is too. 

Network and engage with other bloggers

The blogging world can get lonely real quick. And even though our loved ones may be supportive of our blogs, they don’t truly understand the amount of work that goes into it. 

For that reason, it’s super nice to have other like-minded bloggers to talk to. Networking is the key to success and is true for any career, including blogging. 

So this is your chance to connect with other bloggers in your same niche or not and find some blogging besties. 

It’s always nice to have someone in your corner that you can bounce ideas off with and motivate one another when times get rough.

Plus, the group will make it easy for you to easily engage and start a conversation with another blogger via the Facebook engagement threads, which we’ll cover below. 

We’re all in this together so don’t be shy and find some new blogging friends.

Self-promotion opportunities

Unlike many groups, they are a strict No Self Promo group, but not here. 

Although I understand why some have this Facebook group rule, I still wanted to give you the opportunity to promote your blog in a smart way. 

The self-promotion specifics are covered in the Facebook group rules below, but just know that there are plenty of opportunities for you. 

Here are some ways you’ll be allowed to self-promote:

  • Introductory welcome post on main wall when you first join
  • Daily sharing threads
  • Request specific feedback on main wall
  • Additional opportunities will arise randomly 

However, to keep the group clean and free of spam, there are specific group rules you’ll need to follow so please be sure to check those out below.

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Learn new blogging tips

With so much to learn, it can be hard to know where to turn to for blogging tips. But I got you covered and am always open to new content post ideas.

In fact, the more questions you ask in the group, the more familiar I become with what it is that you’re struggling with. This allows me to better serve you by creating blog posts that’ll specifically help you where you are in your blogging journey.

Each week, you can expect blogging tips to be shared in various formats. 

Some will be shared via my blog posts, YouTube video tutorials, blogging tips posts and more.

Tips like:

Pretty soon, units will be added to the community to allow easy access for you to read blogging tips (or watch them) at your own convenience. Stay tuned for that coming soon.

And so much more. So definitely turn on your notifications for the group so that you don’t miss out on any of these free goodies.

Gain feedback or collaborations

Something new we’ll be doing in the group is allowing members to request specific feedback on your site or social media on the main wall.

I know how hard it can be to do all the blogging things without knowing if you’re on the right track. 

In addition, it’s super helpful to have a fresh set of eyes as you may have overlooked or missed a little something. 

And if you’re looking for a collaboration with a fellow blogger like guest posting, joining your affiliate program, participating in your round-up post etc., you’re free to post on that as well.

Once again, there are specific Facebook group rules to these which are covered below, so be sure to take a look. 

female bloggers reviewing my facebook group rules

Types of Threads in this Group

There are a few different types of threads that circulate the Newbie and Expert Bloggers Unite group. 

All of them are aimed at achieving our blogging goals and are a part of the perks mentioned above.

Each thread has its purpose so let’s cover them in detail below.

Daily Sharing Threads

Let me start by saying that there are both perks and disadvantages to participating in blogger sharing threads. 

In fact, some experts even advise against them. However, my unpopular opinion is that these are great when you’re just starting out and can give you the little boost you need as a beginner blogger.

So the group has carefully selected which threads would be most beneficial to you. 

Share thread schedule

There is a new thread shared every morning at 6AM CT. 

Here is the daily sharing thread schedule:

  • Monday – Instagram
  • Tuesday – Pinterest
  • Wednesday – Blog Comments or Shares / Video
  • Thursday – Social Media 
  • Friday – Facebook 
  • Saturday – Share Anything
  • Sunday – Share Anything

The earlier you can post on the thread, the higher engagement you may receive, so be sure to check-in on the mornings you wish to participate. 

Below are the specifics of what you can share for each day.

Monday – Instagram

This thread is where you can leave a link to your Instagram profile or to a specific Instagram post you’d like engagement on. 

For the best results, state what your niche is and what type of engagement you’re looking for, whether it’s a follow, like, comment or something else. 

Tuesday – Pinterest

This thread is where you can leave a link to your Pinterest profile or a specific pin you’d like some sort of engagement on. 

Here, I highly recommend you only repin others that are within your same niche to avoid confusing the Pinterest algorithm. 

So it’s definitely important that you specify what your niche is or what your pin is about. And also mention whether you’re wanting a follow, like, click-through or something else. 

Wednesday – Blog Comments

This one is pretty self-explanatory. In this thread, you’ll be leaving a link to a specific blog post that you’re wanting comments on. 

When commenting on someone else’s blog post, please take the time to leave a thoughtful comment. Comments that say something like “great post” give absolutely no value and could actually end up hurting your future engagement, so avoid doing this.

Wednesday – Video

Now this thread was recently added because we all know video is blowing up. So to support you with this, here is where you can leave a link to your YouTube channel, TikTok or a specific Instagram reel. 

Once again, be specific on the type of engagement you’re requesting whether it’s views or engagement. 

Thursday – Social Media

Now because I know that every blogger focuses on different social media platforms, this thread gives you the chance to drop a link to the platform of your choice.  

This could be for a social media platform that isn’t covered on the threads, or you simply would like engagement on it more than once per week. And of course, be specific on what you’re requesting and what your niche is.  

Friday – Facebook

This is your chance to not only share a link to your Facebook page or post, but also to request for new members to join your own Facebook group. 

However, please refrain from promoting a competing Facebook group for bloggers as it would be unfair. These comments will be deleted and may possibly get you removed from the group. All others are free to include, but be specific on what the group, niche or post is about.  

Saturday / Sunday – Share Anything

So this is pretty much where you can share and request any type of engagement. This can be a repeat of any previous threads or promoting something else like your blog shop, a podcast or lead magnet. 

The floor is yours except for direct affiliate links or anything that breaks the Facebook group rules below. Once again, be specific. 

Sharing Thread Rules 

Please be sure to become familiar with and follow these share thread rules.

  • Engage with 3-4 others within 24 hrs of the thread posting 
  • Give details on the type of engagement you’re requesting and for what niche
  • Like or comment on each post you engaged with, but do not leave your link in your reply
  • No direct affiliate links are allowed
  • No competing promotion 

Failure to follow these Facebook group rules will lead to you being removed from the group, which we don’t want to do.

There may be additional threads added and these may change at any time. 

Engagement Threads

Every few days, there will be specific threads or polls that ask a question. These are mainly there for fun, but also allow me to gain some insight on what you may be struggling with. 

Or, they’ll allow me to get to know you better because I truly enjoy becoming familiar with my community members.

These are also a great opportunity to easily connect with other members as they serve as icebreakers, so no need for you to try to figure out how to start the conversation. 

So when you see one of these random questions, be sure to leave your input and take a look at the others who have responded. You may have some similarities with someone who could potentially become a great friend.

Welcome Thread

Once you join the group, you’ll be tagged in a weekly welcome thread. Please be sure to read this as it has great information listed on it (including free resources). 

This is also your chance to introduce and promote yourself to the group by leaving a comment in the thread, and by posting on the main wall using #welcome. 

So take advantage of this opportunity because it’s one of the only times we allow links to be posted on the main wall. 

group rules for newbie and expert bloggers unite facebook group

Facebook Group Rules

The purpose of this Facebook community for bloggers is to support one another and to grow our blogs into a profitable business. I ask that you please follow and respect the Facebook group rules so we can all benefit from the group and build a great blogging community. ♥

Start Here – Read Group Rules

This is what you’re doing right now so yay, you’re already following Rule #1 LOL. Please continue to read the rest of the rules as not following them may lead to being either muted or removed from the group (which we really don’t want to do).

You may notice that not all the rules below were included in the description as that is the condensed version. However, these are the detailed rules to ensure this blogging community remains a safe place and spam-free.

Answer the pre approval questions

Upon requesting to join, you’ll be prompted to answer three questions and agree to the group rules. 

Not answering these questions may lead to your request not being approved. They are pretty simple and ensure we have the right members joining our community. 

At the same time, your responses to these questions help me understand how we can better serve you. So please take the time to submit your response and agree to the group rules.

Read Announcements upon approval

Upon receiving acceptance into the group, you agree to visit the Announcements / pinned section and read the posts listed there. 

These include critical information regarding the group and is also where I post blogging resources and important announcements. So be sure to check these out regularly. 

Read sharing threads rules prior to commenting

Sharing threads will be posted daily (schedule above). Please make sure to follow each thread’s rules prior to leaving your comment and reciprocate as required. 

Don’t leave your link and run. You can find my sharing thread best practices here.

No direct affiliate links are allowed

Affiliate links are absolutely not allowed in this group, unless they are my affiliate links or your affiliate links to one of MY products. 

There is a zero-tolerance for this and will result in immediate removal from the group, so please don’t do this.

No links or self-promo posts allowed on main wall 

There are plenty of self-promo opportunities. These types of posts are only allowed on the main wall for your introductory post & when requesting specific feedback. When posting these links, please use hashtags #welcome and #feedback, respectfully. 

This helps keep the wall clear and visible for member questions, comments, feedback, inspiration, struggles and wins. Members who don’t follow this rule will be removed along with all their posts and comments. 

If requesting feedback, please note that the Facebook algorithm shows your post less if a link is included. So I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to include your link in your post or if you’d rather place it in the comments. 

When requesting feedback, please be specific as to what kind you’re looking for. Do not just say “any feedback appreciated” as this won’t get you much engagement and will seem like self-promo. So please be specific so we can best serve you.

Self-promotion allowed in moderation

We’re so excited to help you grow your blog, so we allow opportunities for self-promotion via daily sharing threads and a few others. The specific self-promotion opportunities are listed in the first section above.

All other self-promo or irrelevant posts are not allowed. 

Do not hijack any posts

I allow self-promotion in this group via comments but please be genuine. Only share quality content that will provide value to your fellow blog members. 

Do not hijack any posts and leave an unrelated link that does not answer the question asked. This is considered spammy and will result in immediate removal from the group.

No spammy comments or posts

Can you tell I really emphasize on the quality of this group? Yeah, don’t go through and link drop on multiple comment threads. Only leave your link on the day the thread was posted.

Link dropping would put you in Facebook jail anyways and removal from the group. 

In addition, do not take-over someone else’s question or post with an unrelated link of your own.

And please do not add irrelevant posts on the main wall, especially ones that have nothing to do with blogging.

Please be kind and genuine with one another 

We have absolutely ZERO tolerance for negativity, hatred, bullying or discrimination of any kind. Rude comments will be deleted and you will be blocked permanently. 

We’re all here to support one another so please be kind to each other.

Engage and have fun

This group is meant to be interactive and lead to lifetime blog friends. Without interaction or engagement, we can’t help each other grow our blogs. So let’s make this an awesome group for bloggers, boost our traffic and make money blogging!

Breaking any of these rules may lead to removal from the group. I reallyyyy don’t want to do this so please follow the rules. They’re pretty easy and common ones you should already be following in other groups anyways. 

Click here to request to join this awesome community!

Request to Join Now!

Request to join here and invite your friends too! 

We’re all here to boost our blogging business and take it to the next level. My goal is to make this the best and most engaged Facebook group for bloggers ever so see you in there 👋🏻

What are your thoughts on this new Facebook group for bloggers? Do you have any additional feedback or requests? Please share your thoughts with me below as I would love to hear your input!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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