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How To Create MailerLite Landing Pages for Free

Are you ready to attract more email subscribers to your mailing list? Well you’ll be pleased to know that you can easily do this when you create MailerLite landing pages on your site. And the best part is that you can do it for free!

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Yup, that’s exactly one reason why I love using MailerLite. Not only is it easy to create landing pages in MailerLite, but it can also be done 100% for free. So below I’ll share with you some simple tips you can use when creating your landing pages along with a free video tutorial on how to do so.

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how to create landing pages using mailerlite for free

How To Create MailerLite Landing Pages

Yup, it’s actually hard to believe at how much they give you for free. There are NOT many other email providers that give you all the services that MailerLite provides without a cost.

But anyways, let’s go ahead and jump right in on learning how to create landing pages using MailerLite.

If you haven’t created a MailerLite account yet, you can create an account for free here. And when you use this link, you’ll also receive a 14-day trial to their Pro version.

Once you are logged into your account, click on the video link below to follow along with the free video tutorial.

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Wasn’t that super easy?? I know it looks tough but it really isn’t. At least not once you actually get in there and start playing with the different functionalities yourself.

Now you’re not quite done yet. Keep scrolling so you can grab a few blogging tips to use when creating your MailerLite landing pages.

Create your free MailerLite account here.

best practices and tips when creating landing pages

Creating Landing Pages Best Practices & Tips

I mentioned a few of these in the free video tutorial above but just in case you missed it, I’ve jotted them down here as well.

And these tips are not necessarily specific to MailerLite. So even if you already signed up with a different email provider, these landing pages best practices may still be relevant to you.

So follow along and learn some new tips on how to create the best landing page you can possibly create.

1) Start with an awesome headline

Similarly to a blog title, you want to make sure that the very first thing they read is super eye-catchy. You really want to draw the person in to make them want to keep scrolling down your landing page.

There are so many different ways for you to structure this headline. It can be a question that targets their emotions or it can be a bold statement that reveals a hidden truth. And if your landing page is for a freebie, you can even make this first statement about that.

The beauty about landing pages it that you get to edit as often as you need. So if you think of a better headline later on, you can always go back and update it.

2) SEO optimize your page

Now depending on how long you plan on making your landing page, you might not need to optimize it so much. However, it is a page that is going to be on the internet which means it has the potential to be searched and found by organic traffic.

So for this reason, you want to make sure you still SEO optimize your landing page using strong keyword phrases in the beginning and throughout your text. This will increase the chances of your landing page getting found through the search engines.

This also includes checking the font colors being used on your landing site. If it’s hard for people to read then they will likely just click out of your site which sends Google negative signals. So check the ease of readability as well.

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3) Change “name” label to “first name”

Now this one may be specific to MailerLite signup forms but it’s good to note just in case your form doesn’t automatically add in the “first name” field.

So when adding a signup form to your landing page, MailerLite defaults to only asking for the email address. However, you want to go ahead and add in the “name” field. Just make sure to change the labeling so that it clearly shows the reader that they only need to enter their “first name.”

If you’re not sure how to do this, watch the free video tutorial here to learn how and why it is important to change the labeling.

4) Add your Privacy Policy disclaimer

If you’re not familiar with GDPR, I highly recommend you take this Free Legally Blog Course to become familiar with blogging legally. GDPR plays a big role when it comes to protecting consumer data and not allowing an exchange of a free product for an email address without consent.

In simpler words, a reader must be 100% aware that your freebies are only available for your email subscribers. So they must then acknowledge that they want to join your mailing list which will then get them access to your awesome freebies. But again, the Legally Blog Course here can explain this all in full details for you.

Plus, the GDPR may not even be applicable to you (but you should find out). But anyways, once you understand this, you’ll understand why I recommend you include your Privacy Policy in your signup form.

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5) Use the interest groups checkbox option

This one is a good option to consider IF you have a blog about multiple niches that target difference audiences. The example I used in the video was if you blog about parenting and finance under the same site. If the freebie that you are offering on your landing site only caters to one of those niches, then consider using the “interest groups” checkbox option to give the user the choice.

This becomes very helpful when you send out target email campaigns later that would only relate to one or the other. However, if you only blog about one topic or your audience is the same for all your freebies, than this option is not needed.

6) Play around with the blocks and features

Now I don’t know about you but I am a very hands-on type of learner and visual learning comes in right behind. This means that the best way for me to learn something is to just start using the blogging tool or resource myself. And that’s exactly what I recommend you do as well when you first start creating your MailerLite landing pages.

With so many blocks and features that you can use in your landing sites, it will just have to be a ton or trial and error. When putting together your pages, test out the different block options, play with the settings and customize it completely to your liking.

Start creating landing pages for free using MailerLite here.

7) Don’t forget to edit your “Success” page

Haha this is something I forgot to do on my first email subscribe pages and therefore they got a pretty standard “success” page that was built from the template I didn’t use. So much for being successful there. 🤣

So just in case I am not alone in this, I figured I’d set it as a reminder here for you to do. A “success” page is the page where readers are sent to after they have successfully subscribed to your mailing list from your landing page. It’s super important that you don’t forget about this because it gives you a chance at sending them back to your website if you build it right.

So once you’re done adding the email signup form and building your landing page, don’t forget to go customize your “success page.” And again, I go over the steps in detail in this free video tutorial here.

8) View landing site on mobile

Finally, once you are done with your landing page and has been published, open it up on your mobile device. Many people nowadays are browsing the interest through their phones so you want to look at how they will see your site.

The formatting may be slightly off than when on desktop so if you need to go back and make some adjustments, now would be the time to do so. But if everything looks good, then you have just created your landing site! 🙌🏻

how to create free landing pages mailerlite

Time to go build an awesome landing page!

Alright so now you should have a very good idea on how to create your own awesome landing page to attract new email subscribers.

And if you haven’t signed up to MailerLite yet, you can grab your free account here and start creating these MailerLite landing pages for free!

So what did you think about the video tutorial? Are there any other special tips you recommend I add to the list? Please share your thoughts below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



  • Chris Kosto

    Excellent tips for new MailerLite users. I used it too and I really like it. After a while, it’s easy to use this tool to create professioanl landing pages and sign-ip forms!

    • Lucy | CheersToBlogging

      I agree! It’s a great email service provider and the fact that it includes so many features for free makes it awesome!

  • Kimberlie

    Thank you for this amazing tutorial on creating a Mailerlite landing page and including the tip to check the appearance on mobile. That is my Achilles heel when working on my blog pages.

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