The Only Free Blogging Courses You’ll Need as a Beginner Blogger

We all love free stuff don’t we? Especially when the free stuff brings in value that could potentially turn our blogs into a successful money making blog. And that’s why this ultimate guide of free blogging courses has been put together, to help bloggers on a budget get the extra push they need.

And by the way, I’m a nerd and a huge course junkie so I’ve researched and taken my fair share of blogging courses. And because I know that blogging can get expensive, this list of free blogging courses below will help you get started your blog started without having to pay a single dime.

And if you have already started your blog, that’s great! There’s also free Pinterest blogging courses along with a few others that are beneficial to boosting your blog growth.

Last Updated: August 7, 2020

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Free Blogging Courses for Beginners

Alright, so this first list of free blogging courses is primarily for those in the very early phases of blogging. They’ll mostly cover how to get started with blogging and each have their own unique instruction format.

I’ve personally gone through each one of these blogging courses to make sure they actually provide value. Because even though they are free, our time is extremely valuable and we don’t want to waste it on useless material. Am I right?

So if you’re a beginner blogger on a budget, you’ve definitely came to the right place to find the best free blogging courses actually worth your time.

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How To Start a Money Making Blog

I’m going to be honest with you here. I personally did not find this course until AFTER I had already learned much of this material through PAID courses. And you know what, I wish I had found it wayyyy sooner!

Look, as a beginner blogger, you are going to come across lots of “5 day blogging courses.” And for some reason, 5 seems to the magic number. But in this How To Start a Money Making Blog Course created by Cate Rosales, you will gain soo much valuable information for FREE within those 5 days!

For example, many 5 day crash courses only help you get your blog setup, but don’t really help you understand what to write about, how to structure your blog post, how to promote it etc. But this course does! It goes into what I just mentioned along with more key points to get you on the right track.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free blogging course:

– Day 1: Before You Start Your Blog

– Day 2: The Blog Set Up Process

– Day 3: Before Writing Your First Blog Post

– Day 4: Writing Your Blog Posts

– Day 5: How To Make Money Blogging

And just between me and you… there are not many free blogging courses that go into the money making blog discussion. So trust me, I got you covered. 😉

So even if you’ve already started your blogging journey but are still in the early phases, click here to sign up to this free course asap!

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blogging for new blogger fast track free course

Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track

Similar to the above, this one is another 5-day “start your own blog” course created by a sister duo, Lucrezia and Marina. But also similar to the above, even though Blogging for New Bloggers Fast Track is free, it does cover more than many of the other crash courses you’ve probably seen or taken. I did say I was only going to share with you the best ones, didn’t I?

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free blogging course:

– Day 1: Defining Your Niche

– Day 2: Starting Your Blog

– Day 3: Writing Blog Posts

– Day 4: SEO Blogging Tips

– Day 5: How To Make Money Blogging

So as you see, in addition to the blogging basics, this course goes into the social plugins, SEO, email marketing, ads and more. Typically these topics are covered in paid courses. Weird that they’re giving out this information for free huh?

Well, not really. The reason I think they cover these in this free email course is because they actually don’t offer an upgraded course to this version.

They focus their energy on the Pinterest courses (one that I’ll cover below) and legal templates.  So it’s an amazing opportunity for you to see what these expert bloggers are doing and what they recommend you to do. You can easily sign up for free here.

5-Day Blog Strategy Email Challenge

Now this one is a challenge like no other, seriously. And no I’m not just saying it because I’m the creator of it haha. But I purposefully made it different than every course I’ve taken because it’s a missing puzzle piece I noticed in them all.

The objective of this Blog Strategy Challenge is to help the overwhelmed blogger begin thinking about their blog business in a more strategic way. It helps you create a Blog Strategy Plan so that you can blog smarter and start achieving your goals quicker.

Here’s what you can expect to cover from this free challenge:

– Blog Life Balance

– Define Your Ultimate Goal

– Set a Timeline & Make a Plan

– Create Your Blog Schedule & Strategy Plan

Now before you take this challenge, I do believe you’ll get the most out of it once you have already taken at least one of the “How To Start a Blog” courses above because this will touch on a bit of that.

And before you move on to the next free blog courses, I recommend you take this one before that. Remember I said this is the missing puzzle piece? Yeah, it’s the step in-between the point of you starting your blog and then figuring out what to focus on.

Trust me, once you’ve taken this challenge, you’ll be much better off than many other beginner bloggers. So if you want to achieve your blogging goals quicker, sign up to this free Blog Strategy Challenge here.

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Best Pinterest Blogging Courses

And now the fun stuff and my favorite (and not favorite) part of blogging but a much needed resource – Pinterest! If you haven’t started using Pinterest to boost your blog traffic then you need to START NOW!

Pinterest is one of the best and most common methods to organically grow your blog without ads. That’s why I made it a priority for me to take Pinterest courses from the way beginning in my blog journey. And thankfully I did because now, more than 50% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest.

So don’t worry. These awesome free Pinterest courses will help you get there too!

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pinterest for new bloggers free course

Pinterest for New Bloggers

Remember when I said Lucrezia and Marina focus their attention on Pinterest? Yeah well, this is the free Pinterest for New Bloggers course these sisters put together and whoa. They were NOT greedy with the material they packed into this free email blogging course.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free blogging course:

– Day 1: Pinterest Basics

– Day 2: Verify Your Website and Get Rich Pins

– Day 3: Pinterest SEO

– Day 4: Creating Boards

– Day 5: Creating Great Pins

– Day 6: Making Your Website Pinterest Friendly

– Day 7: Pinterest Group Boards

– Day 8: Save Time & Boost Traffic

– Day 9: Get Pinterest Followers

This is the honestly the longest, most detailed, free course I have ever taken. I was honestly shocked at how much information this course had to offer.

So if you’re on a tight budget, but are wanting to gain some Pinterest knowledge – this is definitely the course for you! It provides so much more information than other free courses offer. Sign up here to receive your free email course.

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free pinterest course

Boost Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest

Gosh, this course creator is amazing! Cate seriously puts lots of thought and effort into her courses, including her free ones! This Boost Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest is another favorite on mine for the same reason as I’ve mentioned earlier – even though it’s a free blogging course, it still provides tons of great value.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free blogging course:

– Day 1: Understanding Pinterest

– Day 2: Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account

– Day 3: Pinterest Pins and Boards

– Day 4: Pinterest Actions (Do’s and Don’t’s)

Day 5: Pinterest Strategies

My favorite was the Do’s and Don’t’s because if you’ve messed around with Pinterest, you know that there is no “one size fits all.” So personally, I love learning about each blogger’s unique strategy so I can then create one for myself. It’s all about trial and error with Pinterest and this course gets into that.

And just between you and me, there is also a BONUS Pinterest checklist included at the end of this course.. but shhh!

So if you’re really struggling with Pinterest or blog traffic, I highly recommend you enroll into this free Pinterest course here.

Top Free SEO Courses for Bloggers

Now I know what you’re probably thinking… you’re not ready to think about SEO yet. In fact, do you even know what SEO is? This stands for search engine optimization and it’s pretty much optimizing your posts so that Google and other search engines can put them in front of people when searched.

Don’t make my same mistake (and the mistake that many other bloggers make) which is to put off SEO until later. The sooner you start learning about this, the sooner you can start appearing on the first pages of Google (which is where you want to be).

So here are some awesome free SEO courses for bloggers you should definitely sign up for today.

free seo course by debbie gartner

SEO Email Course by Debbie

Like I mentioned in my quarterly blog report, SEO is my main focus right now. So here is another amazing free SEO course I found by an extremely well-known blogger, Debbie Gartner.

What makes her unique is that she actually doesn’t even blog about blogging. However, she is popular in the blogging world due to her famous SEO ebooks. And that’s because she has mastered SEO and gets over 500K monthly pageviews to her blog, with minimal help from Pinterest. So yeah, this lady knows what she’s talking about when it comes to SEO.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free SEO course:

– SEO Blogging Myths

– SEO Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make

– Tips for Ranking on Google as a Beginner Blogger

– SEO Basics & Best Practices

And believe me, she lays it all out in this free email SEO course. You’ll likely realize you’re doing a few things that are actually hurting your blog and what to do to avoid those mistakes. I know I definitely went back and updated some of my blogs after taking this course.

So if you aspire to reach the amount of traffic that Debbie is receiving on her blog, I highly recommend you take this course as well. Visit the SEO Email Course here.

SEO Made Simple

And lastly, the super scary SEO component of blogging. You’ve probably heard it, read about it and then decided it’s too complicated and you’ll deal with it later. How do I know? Because I was the exact same way LOL! But it doesn’t have to be and this SEO Made Simple really does make it easier.

The course owner, Chelsea Clarke, is another bomb blogger. This woman really knows what she’s talking about and honestly, put sooo much into this free course. I was surprised at just how much it included for being ZERO dollars.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free SEO course:

– SEO Basics & Best Practices

– Understanding Keywords and Keyword Research

– Tips for Ranking on Google as a Beginner Blogger

– How To Do an SEO Audit on Your Blog Yourself

– How To Optimize Your Blog for Google & Your Audience

When I took this free SEO course, I walked away with quite a few to-do tasks for my three blogs. The information was laid out in a way that I could actually understand and not get freaked out, like all the other SEO courses did. I think it helped that it was coming from a successful blogger’s experience versus from a technical SEO wizard (though that is the next step).

And because SEO is soo critical to growing your blog and increasing blog traffic organically, it should not be something you put behind. So at least start with the basics and then go from there. Click here for more details on this free SEO course.

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Other Awesome Blogging Courses

So these are other type of free blogging courses that are totally worth looking into as well! As I continue to find valuable courses, I will add them to this list so make sure to pin or save this post so you can reference it later!

legally blogs free course

Legally Blog Course

Okay so like, where else have you seen a free legal blog course? And have you ever even considered looking into legal blogging courses? I know for a fact I never did, not until I came across this Legally Blog Course also created by Lucrezia! Yup, she’s a lawyer AND a blogger. Cool huh?

This course literally teaches you the main information you need to know about keeping your blog legal to stay out of trouble.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free blogging course:

– Protecting Your Blog Legally

– Business Types (LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship)

– How Bloggers Can Legally Protect Themselves

– All About Legal Pages For Your Blog


– Taxes & Bookkeeping

Yeah I know, this isn’t the fun part of blogging but it is essential and critical to your blogging business. And may I add that if you really want to make money blogging, you will need to know the legal stuff and have the appropriate legal pages on your blog. These are critical components to achieving affiliate marketing sales and landing sponsored posts legally.

So stay out of trouble, ensure you are blogging legally and have the peace of mind that your blog is actually protected. And the first step in this direction would be to enroll in this Legally Blog Course! Sign up for free here.

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Social Media Crash Course

Okay, back to the fun stuff – promoting your blog. So you have great blog content and now what? Well, now you have to promote it to your audience! But how do you even do that? Don’t worry, this Social Media Crash Course for Businesses & Network Marketers has you covered!

This course was created by one of my favorite bloggers, Sasha, and I am actually just now coming around to it. Why? Because I finally decided to learn how to promote my blog content OUTSIDE of Pinterest.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free blogging course:

– Know Your Audience

– Develop a Strong Social Media Strategy

– Build Your Authority

– Bonus Tips

– More Ways to Grow

Yes, this course may also be a bit more on the advanced side but hey, it’s here for when you’re ready! It also doesn’t hurt to begin developing your social media strategy so you can determine which platforms to focus on. I mean, we can’t do them all at once in the beginning, we’re just one person.

So whenever you’re ready to start leveraging the social media power and traffic, sign up for this amazing course here.

Make Your First Affiliate Sale Video Course

Yay! Now it’s time to learn how to actually start making money blogging. I know you’ve probably heard it because it’s true… affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money blogging. And that’s exactly what this Make Your First Affiliate Sale Course teaches you.

I recently came across this video course and just had to add it here. There’s not many free courses that teach you about affiliate marketing and since it’s such an important aspect to making money through your blog, it’s a great advantage.

Here is what you can expect to cover in this free affiliate marketing course:

– Affiliate Marketing Basics

– Fundamental Steps to Take When Starting

– How To Find Profitable Affiliate Programs

– How To Implement an Affiliate Marketing Strategy

– How To Increase Clicks to Make Your First Sale

So if you’re a beginner blogger who has not starting making money through your blog or is still trying to figure out affiliate marketing, this course is a great place to start. Plus, lots of what Ana talks about in this course will not only help you create click-worthy affiliate posts, but better posts overall. So if you’re ready to learn how to make your first affiliate sale, click here to enroll for free.

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Kick Butt Blogging!

Blogging can be hard so take a course and learn from the experts! It’ll help you grow your blog so much faster than if you tried to figure it out on your own. And plus, these courses are free so there is literally nothing to lose. So have fun learning and go kick some blogging butt!

Have you taken any of these courses? Which one did you enroll into? Please share in the comments below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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