Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers

Are you new to blogging? Are you an experienced blogger wanting to share your tips and resources? Do you want to learn more about how to be a successful blogger? Or are you a blogger who is simply wanting to make connections with other fellow bloggers? Are you interested in joining Facebook groups for bloggers but have no idea where to begin?

Well, if any of these are you – then you should really consider joining a few Facebook groups for bloggers! In fact, if you are a blogger period, you are strongly encouraged to join multiple Facebook groups, especially some within you niche, as it can bring some serious benefits to your blogging business.

So if you are a fellow blogger, make sure you check out these best Facebook groups for bloggers that you can join for free!

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About Facebook Groups

Okay but first – what is a Facebook group?

A Facebook group is an online community where people with shared interests can communicate. Anyone can create a group for anything including blogging, travel, motherhood etc. and it’s up to you to decide whether you would like to join or not.

Facebook groups for bloggers are communities where like-minded bloggers like us get to share information related to… yup, you guessed it – blogging. Many times these groups are filled with bloggers of all levels, from beginners to experienced and in-between. It’s a place where we can ask questions, share our wins and struggles and even promote our new content!

If you want to know best practices and tips about how to maximize your engagement on Facebook groups for bloggers, click here.

Pros & Cons

Alright, so we all know not everything is perfect. And yes, we strongly encourage you join Facebook groups that seem of interest to you. However, there are some pros and cons to joining Facebook groups for bloggers, which I will share below.


I honestly think there are many pros to Facebook groups for bloggers, but these below are the ones that stand out to me the most.

Ask questions or share your struggles to gain insight and tips.

As I shared, this is an open community for us to share all our questions and struggles to gain insight and become better bloggers. It’s a place where you don’t need to feel “silly” asking a question because chances are, there are others who are wondering the same thing. I actually see this happen quite often where someone responds in the comments “following” or “thank you for asking, I also don’t know.”

Learn from other bloggers.

The great thing about these communities is that there are bloggers at all different experience levels participating in the group. When you ask a question or share a struggle that you have been experiencing, many bloggers will respond to support you. This means you will have more than one person answering your question so you can be more confident when making your decision or implementing something new.

Self-promotion through daily sharing threads.

This is one of the best features a Facebook group for bloggers has. Most blogging groups also have daily sharing threads which is where you can promote your newest content, social media pages, freebies and more. Though you should note, this is completely facilitated by the group owner but is very common and useful to help spread awareness of your blog and boost your traffic.

Each sharing thread will have specific instructions on what you can share. Make sure you follow them daily to gain the most impact.

Network and build relationships.

And finally, these groups are just an overall awesome place for us to network and build relationships with other fellow bloggers of any or similar niche. The more you participate in the group, the more you will become aware of which bloggers inspire you, which blogs you enjoy the most and vice versa!

You will get to connect and get to know one another through your social media platforms, your blog and possibly even through more personal means. So it is definitely something to take advantage of!


Overall, my experience with Facebook groups has been positive. But there are a few downsides to these groups which I will share.

Sharing threads are time consuming.

Yes, I admit that I do love participating in sharing threads. However, they do require quite some effort from my end to ensure that I reciprocate and share others as well. I can’t just post my content on sharing threads and expect others to engage if I am not going to myself.

Remember when I said this is where bloggers get to know one another? Yeah, well, not reciprocating will leave a bad taste in people’s mouths! So find out how to be a good group member along with tips to increase your engagement and maximize your potential reach when using these threads here.

– If you don’t follow the rules, you may be removed at any time.

On top of leaving a bad impression with your fellow blog members, the group admin can also remove you from the group at any time. Typically, this only happens when you are breaking the rules (even if you don’t realize you are). So it’s very important you become familiar with every group’s rules to ensure you are following them.

Yes, if you are a part of many groups, this can be a bit difficult to keep up with. But for the most part, several groups have similar rules for you to follow. When in doubt, before posting, just take a quick glance at the rules to make sure there will be no issue and therefore, no risk of you being removed.

Some groups are more active than others.

And lastly, not all groups have the most active participation. You will come across some that you find are more beneficial than others for what you are trying to achieve. And this may take some time for you to figure out but once you do, you’ll have the ultimate decision on whether you want to remain a part of the group or not.

But in the end, the pros outweigh the cons. Therefore, I am an active member in many blogging groups and do highly recommend you join more than one as well!

My Facebook Group

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More Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Since I am actively involved in many blogging groups, I have already done the hard work for you! I have evaluated many blogging groups and am sharing the top list of Facebook groups for bloggers that I highly recommend below!

ASelfGuru – Biz Blog Community

Now meet Amira. She is a full-time lawyer and a blogger like you and me! She has extensive legal knowledge and has brought to light how bloggers need to protect themselves legally. This community is great because you have access to an actual lawyer who is more than willing to help you solve you legal blog matters or answer any of your questions!

She even created the Legal Template Bundle, which includes the three legal pages all bloggers should have at minimum on their page. And don’t worry, they are extremely affordable!

You can read more on why I chose these legal templates here.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Blog Post Shares
  • Tuesday – Pinterest Re-Pins
  • Wednesday – Blog Comments
  • Thursday – Pinterest Follows / Twitter
  • Friday – Instagram / Facebook
  • Saturday – Pinterest Re-Pins / Comments
  • Sunday – Collaboration / Share Anything

But the most valuable benefit you get from this group is direct access to an experienced lawyer! She answers your legal blog questions to help you and your blog stay protected.

This group has over 2K members and is a great place to participate in the sharing threads, share information and ask legal questions to a lawyer.

Boss Girl Bloggers

Now this is one of my favorite groups! It was created by Ell Duclos, the Pinterest queen, for Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion bloggers (though it seems it has expanded to all niches). She only has a few years of blogging experience, but yet has managed to learn the ins and outs of Pinterest to share them with us!

She does this through her Pinterest with Ell course. The course helps you learn how to boost your blog traffic using Pinterest-specific strategies that’ll convert Pinterest viewers to blog followers! It has personally helped me grow and professionalize my Pinterest and is now the second highest social media platform to drive traffic to my blog.

You can read a bit more on this course here.

The benefits to this group are:

  • If Ell can support your question, she always responds with useful information
  • Networking with other bloggers of various experience levels
  • Tons of interaction in this group including questions being asked and answered by many different people
  • Weekly Collaboration thread
  • Weekly Feedback thread

This group has over 37K members and is an absolute great group for bloggers to support one another in their blogging journey. This is honestly where I post many of my questions. 😁

Becoming a Blogger

Now this is another super awesome group to join if you are wanting to run a successful blog business from home. This group was created by Cate Rosales, an award-winning blogger who specializes in teaching others how to grow and monetize their blogs! Super cool right?

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Instagram
  • Tuesday – Twitter
  • Wednesday – Blog Post
  • Thursday – Pinterest
  • Friday – Facebook
  • Saturday – Weekend Wildcard (share anything)
  • Sunday – Collaboration

Additional benefits of this group are:

  • Unlike the other groups, this one actually does not send your wall post for approval prior to posting. This allows for immediate feedback on your post (obviously be respectful and make sure your post coincides with the group rules)
  • Access to a blog teacher who will respond back to your questions with useful information
  • Another very active community where multiple people participate daily

This group has over 17K members and is an a great community where bloggers can support each other in the best way possible. This is done through answering each others question or even celebrating each other’s wins! And is also another place where I post many of my questions since it posts automatically.

Blogging For New Bloggers

Now this group is owned by two experienced, Australian bloggers, Lucrezia & Marina. Didn’t you know that blogs are popular and allow you to reach people all around the world? Well, these two ladies are awesome at teaching you everything there is to know about blogging and share it in this group!

But they primarily do this through various courses, including a FREE Blogging For New Beginners Fast Track course that will teach you how to get you blog started and another FREE Pinterest for New Bloggers course as well! Whoa, two free courses? Yup! But if you want an even more detailed course, they offer that too! In fact, I’m currently enrolled in two of them and still working on implementing some of their strategies to further increase my views. 😅

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Facebook Follows
  • Tuesday – Pinterest Re-Pin
  • Wednesday – Blog Post Share
  • Thursday – Blog Post Comments
  • Friday – Promo (share anything on main wall)!
  • Saturday – Social Media
  • Sunday – Blog Post

Additional benefits of this group are:

  • Well, two is better than one. These ladies will respond back to your questions with useful information
  • It is another very active community where multiple people participate daily (especially on sharing threads)

This group has over 25K members and is an a super active community with tons of questions, support and engagement from many followers. These sharing threads also have the most participation I’ve seen!

Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

Now this one is unique. It is NOT owned by a blogger (though she does write amazing articles). This one is owned by Kayla from Ivory Mix, a stock photo owner. Her pictures are AMAZING and are primarily used by bloggers so of course it was a genius idea for her to create her own blogging group.

So once you get more into blogging, you will come to find that taking and editing your own pictures requires tons of work. And in some cases, can take away time from writing your blog content. That’s why Kayla created Ivory Mix, a stock photo website which includes free stock photos and a stock photo shop. But what I find most valuable from Ivory Mix is only inclusive to their VIP membership members which is Canva templates and additional blog courses! It’s like a two-in-one, so a double win!

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Instagram
  • Tuesday – Twitter
  • Wednesday – Q&A
  • Thursday – Promote anything!
  • Friday – Blog Post Share
  • Saturday – Pinterest Re-Pin
  • Sunday – Collaborate

This group has over 8K members and is an a great sharing community with active participation and actually requires much less effort than many of the other threads.

Not enough groups? Here are some more Facebook groups for bloggers:

So as you see, the number of Facebook groups for bloggers are endless. It brings us bloggers closer together and there are many new, inspiring bloggers appearing daily. Therefore, the need for groups is still there.

This is why people are still creating more and more Facebook groups to engage with their readers and followers. And this is why I’m also in the process of researching to begin my very own Facebook group! This does not mean that my participation at these other groups will end. It simply means I will now be able to connect with you all at a different level. ♥

Join a Facebook Group!

You get the point right? Joining and becoming a member of a Facebook group for bloggers can bring significant benefits to you and your blog. The connections you make and the blog reach you get through these groups cannot be achieved without them. So take a look around and join the Facebook groups for bloggers that you feel will be a great fit for you!

And don’t forget to request to join my new Facebook group here!

Are you already a member of any of these groups? Which ones are you thinking about joining? I hope you found my post helpful. Please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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