110+ christmas blog post ideas to boost traffic and sales

110+ Christmas Blog Post Ideas to Boost Traffic & Sales

This list of Christmas blog post ideas for your niche will be exactly what you need to boost traffic and sales over the holidays. And before you think that there’s no way for you to add holiday content to your site, think again.

No matter your niche, there’s a way for you to join in on the online holiday traffic and revenue. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to make money blogging. 

And be sure to save the post so that you can come back and reference these Christmas blog post ideas as you add them to your content plan. 

Here, we’ll cover why Christmas blog posts are important, the different types of posts you can write about, plus give specific ideas for each niche.

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What is seasonal content?

But first, let’s talk about what exactly seasonal content is. 

Seasonal content are posts that are relevant to a certain time of year like a holiday. It’s typically aimed at engaging readers who are searching for content related to these special occasions. 

And depending on your niche, there can be a number of holidays that you could cover in your seasonal content including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So when taking a look at the list below, brainstorm how you could turn these 100+ Christmas blog post ideas into hundreds of holiday topics. But for now, we’re going to focus on Christmas ideas for your blog.

Why should you post Christmas content on your blog?

Writing and posting Christmas-related content is a great way to attract traffic that’s already searching for winter holiday ideas. 

And we all know that more traffic means more opportunities to make affiliate income, drive up sales on your own digital products or see increased revenue with your ads. 

In fact, more and more people are turning to the internet for their holiday shopping and ideas. According to CNBC referencing Adobe Analytics, 2021 saw over $188 billion in sales over the holiday season and predicts this number may increase to $330 billion this year. 

But besides money LOL, Christmas blog posts could potentially draw in readers within your target audience that may not have found you otherwise. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to engage with them and invite them to sign up for your email list.

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christmas blog post ideas on laptop screen

Types of Christmas Blog Posts

Adding Christmas blog ideas to your site can come in different forms as there are different types of blog posts you could create.  

So instead of wondering how to add Christmas ideas to your site, reference this list below to get an idea of the types of blog posts that will drive traffic to your blog and increase your holiday revenue.

Gift Guides

At the top the Christmas blog post idea types are gift guides. The ideas for this type of blog post are endless as they could be for a specific audience or a bit more general.

The best thing about gift guides is that you could potentially turn them into evergreen content as they don’t have to be specific to one holiday. All you need to do is change the title and sprinkle holiday-specific keywords throughout the post and create multiple pins for the different holidays.

You can start by brainstorming the top items in your niche that would make great presents for your audience. You can also check affiliate networks like ShareASale or FlexOffers to see which brands have affiliate programs and promote those on your gift guide.

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Now list type posts are also great to create for the holidays as they can attract your ideal reader depending on your post idea. Some list type posts include Top # of xxx, Best of xxx or # Tips on xxx, and usually include a number in the title.

These blog post types are great for giving snippets of an idea that could either lead to an affiliate or product sale and guide them to other blog posts on your site related to the list idea. And we know that interlinking across your site is great for SEO


Round-up blog posts are great because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can simply feature other bloggers who have already done the work for your Christmas blog post idea.  

Many times, bloggers are honored to be featured in round-up posts and may even share it with their audience once it’s published. This means you get a chance to get more eyes on it. 

Just be sure to ask for permission before using any of their images, but if you’re simply adding a backlink to their site, this isn’t required.


Lastly, another popular blog post type to write for the holidays are how-to posts. For this type of blog post, you can create endless amounts of content ranging from DIY, recipes and tutorials for just about anything.   

The beauty of how-to’s is that you’re attracting your ideal audience and if they enjoy your post or teaching style, they may sign-up for your email list to keep receiving more tutorials from you.

And since it’s a how-to post, this means that a single reader may need to revisit it multiple times (aka more blog traffic) and have it saved somewhere for easy access to them, like Pinterest.

So you see, there are numerous ways to add Christmas blog post ideas to your site. 

And if you want to know how to increase your conversions using these types of blog posts, check out The Profitable Blogger’s Holiday Guide to ensure you don’t leave any money on the table. 

Christmas Blog Post Ideas Per Niche

Now that you’ve got an idea of the types of blog posts to create, let’s get into some Christmas blog post ideas for your niche. 

home decor christmas ideas

Home & Décor 

This is probably one of the easiest niches to write holiday content for as you could show how you decorate different areas of your home and where to find the best deals. 

Plus, this is a great chance to show off your amazing photo taking and editing skills and post them on social media. People are always turning to Pinterest and Instagram for holiday home décor ideas so take advantage of it. 

Here are some specific Christmas blog post ideas for the home & décor niche:

1.) How to decorate your living room / kitchen / entry / bathroom 

2.) How to decorate your home with dollar store items

3.) How to store holiday décor while saving space

4.) Round up of indoor / outdoor décor ideas for various Christmas themes

5.) List of best holiday scented candles 

6.) Tips on how to pack breakable décor 

7.) Best stores to shop for holiday décor 

8.) Top Christmas décor trends for current year 

9.) Different ways to style a garland in your home 

10.) Kid-friendly décor items that won’t break 

11.) Outdoor décor ideas

mom and daughter celebrating christmas

Mom & Family

As a fellow mom blogger myself, I know just how many Christmas blog post ideas there are for this niche. From ways of spending time with the family, to crafts to gift guides, you’ll never run out of holiday content.

In fact, you could probably even dip into some of the other niche topics as well. I mean, you are the homemaker after all and moms come to you for kid-friendly and mom duty ideas.

Here are some blog post ideas to help you get started:

12.) Gift guide for son / daughter / husband / wife 

13.) Gift guide for grandma / grandpa 

14.) How to keep kids entertained while guests are over 

15.) Wish lists for kids 

16.) Best Christmas books for kids

17.) Stocking stuffer ideas for kids / babies / parents 

18.) Best family Christmas movies / shows to watch

19.) Holiday party game ideas 

20.) Christmas family traditions

21.) Holiday family picture pose ideas 

22.) Round up of free / paid Christmas printables 

23.) Winter activities for families to enjoy 

fitness christmas

Health & Fitness 

Now even though you may think that this niche cannot fit in holiday content, that isn’t the case. There is always a way to fit in some Christmas related blog posts and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the holiday traffic boost.

Plus, many tend to eat more than they should over the holidays, and that’s where you would step in haha. We need you to keep us healthy and fit LOL.

So take a look at these Christmas blog post ideas for the health & fitness niche and pick a few to write for this season.

24.) Gift guide for nurses / doctors 

25.) Gift guide for fitness instructors / nutritionists 

26.) Gift guide for gym junkies 

27.) How to stay fit over the holidays

28.) Keto-friendly gift ideas 

29.) Healthy eating gift ideas 

30.) Healthy alternatives for desserts

31.) Round up of expert tips on staying fit over the holidays 

Self-Care & Growth 

Yes, this niche also has ways to turn some content into holiday specific blog posts that can boost your traffic over the holidays. 

The holiday season always comes with added stress so it’s up to you to help others not feel so overwhelmed and remind them to take care of themselves too.

These Christmas blog post ideas are how you can easily transform everyday topics into holiday related ones.

32.) How to take care of yourself over the holidays

33.) How to reflect on current year 

34.) Ways to give back during the holidays 

35.) Best places to volunteer over the holidays

36.) List of bad habits to avoid during winter 

37.) List of gratitude journal prompts for everyday in December 

38.) Tips on having a stress-free holiday season 

39.) New Year resolution ideas 

40.) Quick and easy self-care ideas to do over the holidays 


We all know that the holiday season is the busiest and most profitable one of the year. Everybody is shopping in-person and online, spending quite a bit of money.

So you could take the approach of helping them stay on budget so they don’t end up in debt. There are also ways to enjoy the holidays while being a bit frugal so it’s a great opportunity to share Christmas blog post ideas on this too. 

Here are some topics you could write about this holiday season as a finance blogger.

41.) Gift guides under $20 / $10 

42.) How to save money over the holidays

43.) How to earn cashback when shopping for the holidays

44.) How to gift wrap presents on a budget 

45.) When to shop for the best holiday deals

46.) Christmas gifts for every budget 

47.) Dollar store Christmas gift ideas 

48.) Round up of all holiday deals 


If you’re a fashion blogger, you’re in luck also because this is a time when many are gathering with friends and family but may not know what to wear. 

I know I specifically stick to leggings and tees with a nice hoodie simply because that’s all I know. This is why we need your help dressing us this holiday season and informing us of the great deals.

Here are a few blog post ideas that you can write about to help us dress better LOL:

49.) Gift guide for fashionistas 

50.) Outfits to wear on Christmas Eve / Christmas Day 

51.) Best winter boots or shoes 

52.) Where to find funny ugly sweaters / Christmas pajamas 

53.) Matching family outfits or pajamas for Christmas pictures 

54.) How to accessorize your outfit for the holidays 

55.) Fun holiday jewelry / accessories / underwear 

56.) Holiday fashion trends for the current year 

57.) List of accessories that make good stocking stuffers


As a beauty blogger, you know that there are such things as holiday makeup. If you do makeup yourself, right now would be the best time to create some “how-to” video tutorials. 

You could even do round-up or list type posts and feature other beauty bloggers to give your audience a variety of beauty tips to follow over the holidays.

Here are some Christmas blog post ideas you can add to your site soon:

58.) Holiday makeup tutorials 

59.) Round up of best holiday nail designs 

60.) Gift guides for makeup artists / hair stylists 

61.) How to style your hair for the holidays 

62.) How to avoid dry skin during winter

63.) Best holiday makeup palettes / lipsticks 

64.) Best makeup deals to shop for over the holidays 

65.) Best makeup gift sets / bundles 

66.) List of beauty items that make good stocking stuffers

67.) Winter skincare routine 

68.) End of year beauty favorites


If you’ve traveled around Christmas, then this will be especially easy for you. However, if you haven’t gone anywhere outside your hometown over the holidays, you can still write Christmas blog posts for your travel blog.

This is the time when you would need to become a tourist in your own city and recommend the best attractions to specifically visit over the holidays. 

Take a look at some of these Christmas blog post ideas below to see what I mean. 

69.) Gift ideas for someone who loves to travel

70.) Gift ideas for families / kids who are always on the road 

71.) Best places to visit on Christmas in xxx [ your local hometown ]

72.) Best light displays families should visit this year in xxx

73.) Best places to visit during winter 

74.) How to stay warm while traveling during winter

75.) How to travel with pets while on Christmas vacation

76.) List of upcoming holiday events in xxx

77.) List of when and where Santa will be in town 

78.) List of National Parks open over the holidays

79.) Kid-friendly local activities to do over winter break

80.) Holiday travel bucket list 

81.) Winter travel packing checklist 


As a food blogger, you have the luxury of helping many families around the world plan their holiday feasts and desserts. 

Your Christmas blog posts can range from sharing your own recipes to sharing a round-up post with multiple bloggers sharing their own. Either way would be extremely beneficial for families.

Here are some delicious blog post ideas you can write about for Christmas:

82.) How to recipes for holiday meals / baked goods / appetizers 

83.) How to eat healthy over the holidays 

84.) Gift guide for bakers / chef / anyone who likes to cook 

85.) Round up of other holiday recipes / baked goods / appetizers 

86.) Round up of Christmas cookie / cake / brownie designs 

87.) Round up of Gingerbread house decorations

88.) Meals you can make using Christmas or holiday leftovers 

89.) Diet-friendly dessert options 

90.) Holiday cocktail recipes

91.) Which ingredients you must have stocked in pantry over the holidays


If you write about social media, blogging, entrepreneurship or similar, you too can get Christmas content published on your blog. 

Or even if you write about working from home or other business-related tips, you can definitely add some holiday content to boost your traffic during this period.

Here are some Christmas blog post ideas you can write about:

92.) Gift guide for bloggers / social media managers / entrepreneurs

93.) Gift guide for boss / coworkers / employees

94.) How to decorate your office / cubicle 

95.) How to incorporate the holidays into your website 

96.) How to use Pinterest / Instagram / YouTube to drive holiday traffic 

97.) How to check for holiday affiliate marketing deals 

98.) How to host a Christmas party for your employees

99.) How to plan a holiday deal to spike sales 

100.) How to organize a Secret Santa for your staff

101.) How to avoid holiday burnout while running a business

102.) List of holiday hashtags for social media 

103.) Tips to balance work and family with the holidays

104.) Share your own list of Christmas blog post ideas 

105.) What to wear to an office holiday party 

DIY & Craft

This is one of the best times to batch and push out DIY and craft blog posts. Christmas is definitely a time where many people are feeling crafty even if they aren’t usually.

So help them get in the holiday spirit by sharing your Christmas DIY and craft projects like the ones below.

106.) Christmas crafts for kids / adults 

107.) How to make your own DIY holiday decor 

108.) How to make DIY ornaments / stockings / Christmas cards

109.) How to make a wreath for front door 

110.) How to make your own ugly Christmas sweater 

111.) Round up of DIY advent calendar tutorials 

112.) Handmade gift ideas for grandparents / parents 

113.) Where to find the best fabrics / ribbons / supplies for holiday project

Want more seasonal content ideas? Check out 100+ Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas for Your Niche here.

110+ christmas blog post ideas for all niches

Time To Add Christmas Blog Post Ideas to Your Site

So you see, the ideas of blog posts you could write for the holidays are endless. You can even browse through the other niches to gain inspiration and see how you could write something similar but for your niche. 

All of these holiday blog post ideas above are meant to drive more traffic, more sales and more email subscribers.

For specifics on how to ensure your conversions are as high as possible, be sure to check out The Profitable Blogger’s Holiday Guide here

Now tell me, which blog post idea are you going to add this year? Do you have others I should add? Please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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