Cheers to Blogging is an extension of the Cheers to Life Blogging brand, and the first step into my blog branding strategy. It was born because of my passion of blogging and helping others. When you combine the two, it becomes me helping others how to turn their blog passion into a successful mission.

But perhaps we have common interests. Maybe you’re a travel or mommy / family life blogger like me. Maybe you love to travel or have a family which keeps you busy. And if that’s the case, head on over to my other blog brands below 😄

Cheers to Life Blogging

Cheers to Life Blogging is the original and the one that brought me into the blogging world. I guess you can say it’s the one that started the whole blog branding idea with multiple (too many 😅) niches.

Coming from the perspective of:

– a busy working mom, in a high-pressure day job + blogging

– with a super energetic 7-year old athletic boy in soccer and flag football 10 months out of the year

– planning her own wedding for November 2020 (delayed from March due to COVID)

– and maintaining the household as best as she possibly can

I have quite a few time management and productivity mom hacks to share. All while keeping my number one priority intact – to be the best mom I can possibly be to care and provide for her child to ensure he always remains safe, healthy and happy.

So if you’re a busy mama who wants tips on how to make your life a bit less chaotic, all while being an awesome mom (and wife), then this is the place for you!

I share tips and busy mom hacks to help make your life a bit less stressful and a lot more cheerful!

Click here to visit the blog.

cheers to travel blog banner

Cheers to Travel Blog

Cheers to Travel Blog is my new blog branding extension because I did mention I love to travel right? Again, who doesn’t!

In my day job, I am one of the lucky ones who gets sent on business trips a few times per year (well… before COVID). Hopefully, they’ll still let me travel soon. 🤞

But no, I don’t just travel for work. My family also loves to travel with me so we have gone on a few family adventures ourselves, with many more in the works!

Now don’t judge, but my son doesn’t join me on all my non-business trips. Nope. Sometimes I need a getaway with the girls or my fiance. Yes… I try to squeeze in as much travel as possible LOL!

So if you love to travel and want travel hacks and destination ideas, click here to visit the blog.

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?