Best Stock Photo Sites for Successful Bloggers

Do you ever wonder how successful bloggers always have such beautiful images on their blog? Well, I can tell you that they are not always taking their own pictures. Many times they get their photography from one of the best stock photo sites listed below.

I’ve always been into photography so when I first started blogging, I told myself I would only use my own pictures for my blog. 🤣 Boy, I was wrong! I learned real quick that this would be a whole other job on it’s own so something had to give.

So below I will share with you the most common and best stock photo sites successful bloggers use.

Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. Though the opinions remain my own

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Benefits to Using a Stock Photo Site

Like I said, having to take and edit your own images would be a job on its own. And as bloggers, we have other priorities that need our attention in order to successfully grow our blogs – aka producing content and then marketing it like crazy.

For that reason, there are many benefits that come with using a stock photo site for your images and graphics. I’ll share a few of the main benefits below.

1) Massive time saver

This one alone was enough for me to look into my very first stock photo membership. As a beginner blogger, you are learning all the different aspects there is to blogging. And as newbie bloggers, it takes so much longer to do a simple task or write a single blog post.

So to add quality photo taking and editing to the mix is just too much for one person to handle. As bloggers, our main priority is publishing blog posts aka blogging, not taking photos. So like I said, something’s gotta give.

2) Photography from professionals

But just because your main priority isn’t taking pictures, it doesn’t mean that you can have a blog post without any amazing images. In fact, you HAVE to have high quality, eye-capturing images throughout your blog and blog posts.

So what better way to do this than to get images from professionals who DO focus on photo taking and editing? Which brings me to the next point.

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3) Little to no editing required

Since these are professionals taking the pictures, they have already done all the leg work for you. So whenever you use stock images from these best stock photo sites, you hardly have to do any editing.

If anything, the only thing you’ll need to do with the stock photos, is crop or add them to your graphic designs. Which by the way, can sometimes be more eye-catching than when using our own. I learned this the hard way. 😅

4) Gallery of images available at all times

As bloggers, our time is extremely valuable and every minute counts. So to have quality cheap stock images available whenever you need them is amazinggg! It’s honestly one of my favorite perks to using these best stock photo sites below.

& did I mention that most stock photo sites have memberships so that you can take full advantage of all the images they offer, including graphic templates? Yup, these stock sites below provide more than just pictures for your site, which bring me to my final point.

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5) Provide more than just stock images

Now this one is probably my favorite benefit of them all and it totally complements the time saver benefit as well! These best stock photo sites didn’t make it to this list just because, no. They made it to this list because besides providing amazing stock photos for bloggers to use, they also provide other extremely valuable products and services.

Each one provides different additional values (which I’ll share below), but for the most part, they all have pre-made templates for bloggers. My absolute favorite templates to use EVER are for Pinterest pins. With their new algorithm change and us bloggers having to manually pin 3-5 FRESH pins DAILY, these pin templates really come in handy.

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Best Stock Photo Sites (Free & Not)

Stock photography has been extremely popular and therefore, there are sooo many stock photo websites out there. My list below is specific to the ones I found most valuable for us bloggers, and are the ones I personally use myself.


Canva is by far one of the most commonly used photo sites by bloggers for more reasons that I can actually list out. But one of the main reasons is because of their large supply of stock images for all niches.

They have an easy search bar where all you have to do is type in the keyword(s) of the image you are hoping to find and voilà – an entire gallery of images appears.

Their membership plan starts at free, including free stock images with others costing as low as $1. And they recently just made a huge announcement regarding a change to their Canva Pro plan that makes it so much more worth it! The change opened up unlimited downloads on thousands of additional photos for the extremely low cost starting at $9.95 per month!

However, Canva is only not known for their stock images. They are actually better known for being a graphic design site. This is where I spend at least an hour each day creating graphics for my blog, my Facebook group and of course, pins for Pinterest.

They even provide you with easy to edit pre-sized templates for just about anything a blogger could possibly need. This of course includes the most common pins for Pinterest, Instagram stories, blog banners, Facebook posts and so so so much more! You’ll just have to take a look for yourself to see everything they have to offer. And remember to take advantage of the promo below! 👇🏻

Use my link here to get your free trial to Canva Pro.

Ivory Mix

If you’re looking for beautiful and bright, feminine stock photos then Ivory Mix is your place to be! This was also the very first stock photo membership I ever signed up to. But I didn’t sign up right away. Instead, I signed up to their email list to receive free stock photos monthly so I could see if I liked their image style and if it matched my blog tone.

But sure enough, I fell in love with the brightness and creativity that goes into each image. There are thousands of photos to select from and it’s unlimited downloads whenever so I’ve started my own collection of favorites from Ivory Mix pics.

However, if I’m being honest, the stock photos isn’t what got me 100% hooked. What really got me hooked was their easy to edit Canva templates , but mainly the Pinterest ones for pins (because again, time saver). Other templates that are included in the membership are: eBooks, lead magnets and Instagram posts.

But that’s not all that’s included in the membership. The creator is also a blogger so she hosts several workshops and has numerous of blogging courses and resources in the portal. But sadly, I honestly have been taking full advantage of all my membership perks. So don’t let this happen to you too!

But that just shows how much added value this stock photo site offers. To me, just the images and templates is worth it. So now, about 80% of the stock images and graphics on my site come from here.

Sign up here to receive your free monthly stock images.

Styled Stock Society

Now this one is another feminine stock photography site with gorgeous photos. I only signed up to this one not too long ago and absolutely love it! Again, I first signed up to receive their free monthly stock photos to see f they would be a good fit for me.

Even though I already use Ivory Mix for some of my pictures, each photographer has their own unique style. Whereas Ivory Mix stock images tend to be more bright and colorful, Styled Stock Society has a bit more of the light & airy look to them. These also tend to have a more of the pastel type of colors along with other beautiful outdoor collections.

And oh my goodness… the number of Canva templates this stock photo site carries is insaneeee! Though there isn’t nearly as many Pinterest templates, but there are tonssss of templates for eBooks, workbooks, Instagram posts and stories! Can you tell I love templates? They seriously make our blogger lives so much easier.

Sign up here to receive your free monthly stock images.

Grow your brand with styled stock photos & graphics, from Pixistock.


Okay yes, I love feminine stock photos LOL. They match my site very well, so that’s why I like having plenty of options and PixiStock is another great one to have.

This one works very similarly to the ones above where it not only provide awesome stock images for multiple niches, but it also includes templates, quotes and planning material to help you never feel like you’re running out of content.

Of course, this photographer also has her own unique style. She has a mix of photo types, from light and pastel colors to bright and fun color schemes. And one awesome perk to this membership is that if you purchase the annual plan, you get exclusive access to her Signature Lightroom Presets as well (something I haven’t seen in any other sites).

And if you’re not familiar with what these are, take a scroll through some of your favorite blogger’s Instagram sites. Notice how the color scheme seems to always match no matter what the picture is about? Yup, that’s a Lightroom preset. So it’s truly an awesome perk to have!

Sign up here to receive your free monthly stock images.

Time to Go Gallery Browsing!

Once you have selected your favorite stock photo sites, don’t go crazy like me browsing through the galleries at once. It can get pretty addicting seeing all the beautiful stock images that you now have access to at your fingertips. 😅 But don’t worry, they’ll be there when you need them!

Are you a current member to any of these stock photo sites? Which ones appeal to you the most? Please share below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



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