STOP! Do This Before Publishing Your Blog Post

We all fear it. The fear of writing a blog post and then no one seeing it while we’re left wondering why. Has this happened to you? Have you ever felt this way?

I mean, it’s a legitimate concern. Us bloggers pour our hearts into our blog posts for them to be seen by the world. But what if that doesn’t happen? What can we do to make sure our solutions and recommendations are seen by the ones who need it?

Well, I have some tips and tricks that may just help!

Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. Though the opinions remain my own

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Before Writing Your Post

Yay! You have some awesome and great ideas for your next post and can’t wait to start writing it. But STOP! These are some things you should consider before you start your blog post draft.

1) Create your post layout

One thing that helps ensure your blog post flows is by creating your blog post layout or outline before you start writing. This means you adding the sections for paragraphs, potential heading and subheading titles along with where you will place the graphics or images.

It helps you not feel so overwhelmed when writing as you have already built your skeleton.

2) Research keywords and key phrases

Another thing that’s super important is to research relevant keywords and key phrases for your blog post. This helps ensure you select the appropriate words to use throughout your blog post so Google can find you.

I use Keysearch as it provides so much information regarding the keywords or phrases you are searching. It tells you how many people search for that keyword or phrases regularly, how competitive it is to rank on Google with those words and provides you with alternatives to use.

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3) Optimize Your Post for SEO

Keywords and phrases are just one portion of optimizing your blog post to help it get seen by Google users. There is so much more to SEO, more than I can cover in a single blog post. But before you get started on writing, it’s a good idea to become familiar with how to best SEO optimize your post.

On-Page SEO eBook is an extremely affordable eBook to help with this. It’ll teach you exactly which steps you need to do to improve your SEO for improved blog growth. Because keep in mind, the more optimized your blog post is, the higher the chances of your blog post ranking on page one of Google!

In addition, you can grab the On-Page SEO and Easy Backlinks Bundle to save $20. Both are critcal to SEO success.

Nice! Now that the legwork before writing has been completed, it’s time to write the blog post. But don’t publish it just yet. The tips below will tell you what you need to do before publishing your blog post.

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Before Publishing Your Post

Yay! Now that you have written your blog post, it’s almost time to publish it for the world to see! Follow these tips below to help your blog post get the most engagement.

1) Add graphics or images throughout post

This will be fairly easy since you should have already created your blog post layout to show you exactly where images should go. But if you didn’t include this in your layout, go ahead and do it now.

For me, I try to add some sort of graphic or image between every 2-3 sections to not overwhelm the reader with paragraphs. However, in my travel posts, I typically include many more pictures than any of my other niches.

So you see, there is not a universal number of images or graphics that should be included in your post. As you saw, the number of graphics and images depends on a couple of things including: what your niche is, how many words the post has, how many sections it has and etc. The main thing here is that it is important to add graphics and images to every blog post.

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2) Add social media sharing buttons

This one is especially important because once you publish your blog post, you want it to be shared. And especially if you are participating in bloggers sharing threads on Facebook, it’s very important you have social media sharing buttons available on all of your blog posts. This allows readers to share your post via all the different social media platforms for more people to see.

I’ve tested a few different social media plugins and my favorite one has been Shareholic. It is a free plugin that allows you to customize the wording and colors so you can match it to your brand. You even get to choose the placement of the buttons. Personally, I have chosen mine to appear at the beginning and end of each post.

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3) Create and add two pins

Did you know Pinterest is one of the most common search engines that brings bloggers the most traffic? So it can be quite annoying when someone goes to your blog post, loves it and wants to save it to their board to reference later – BUT HAS NO PIN IMAGE. Whenever this happens to me, I just get irritated and leave the post immediately.

So create at least two pins before publishing and add them to your post. This gives the reader two options to select when wanting to share or save the pin. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only create two pins for each blog post. Not even close.

Once your blog post is live, you will need to continuously create fresh pins for each post to drive traffic back to your blog. Pinterest is an animal and there is so much to learn.

Thankfully, the course that really helped me get stared was Pinterest with Ell. It’s an extremely affordable eCourse that shares step-by-step instructions and incredibly useful tips. So if you’re wanting to master the ins and outs of Pinterest and learn strategies to boost your blog traffic, this is the course you should take. Click here for more details about Pinterest with Ell.

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4) Read through out loud and make edits

This one seems like an easy one but after you’ve been working on your blog post for so long, you brain starts to play tricks on you. So don’t do this as soon as you are done with your post. Take some time doing other tasks and then come back to it to make sure it gets done, appropriately.

I highly recommend you read your blog posts out loud so you can hear if there are any errors. One of my beginner blogger mistakes was not to read my posts out loud and rely on the red line beneath the words to tell me if there were any misspelled words. This was only until a fellow blogging friend told me about all my word errors that the red line wasn’t catching…how embarrassingggg! So don’t let the same thing happen to you and read your blog posts out loud.

5) Ensure appropriate disclaimers and links are visible

IF you have affiliate links or if it is a sponsored post, you MUST ensure that the appropriate disclaimers and links are visible to the reader before they click on any links. This is very important to ensure you stay compliant with the law.

Keep in mind that affiliate disclaimers should be at the beginning of the post, before any affiliate links. A little trick I’ve done is to save my disclaimer paragraph as a “reusable block” in WordPress so I can easily plug it into each blog post without having to type it over.

You also want to make sure that all your links (affiliate and not) are visible to the reader. An easy way to do this is by bolding, italicizing, underlining or the most common – changing the font color. You don’t want to trick the reader into clicking a link they didn’t want to click and you also do want them to click on the links you want them to click on. You might have to read that line twice. 😅 It’s simple and easy but required so don’t miss these two steps!

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6) Write your snippet and add featured photo

Remember earlier when we briefly talked about the importance of SEO? Another key component to SEO optimizing your blog post is to write a snippet and include a featured photo. This can easily be done using the free plugin, Yoast SEO.

The snippet is what your readers will see when your post appears in the search results. It’s a brief description explaining your blog post and should also include your keywords or phrases. Your featured photo is the image that will appear in your snippet. It is also the very first image the reader will see when opening your post so make it a good one!

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7) Include related posts interlinks where relevant

Isn’t one of your blogging goals to attract new readers and keep them coming back for more? Well, one way to do this is by adding related post links throughout your post. This way, if they are enjoying your blog post and see you have others that are related, they will want to click over to it once they are done with the current one.

Wouldn’t that be freakin awesome? To have a reader so entertained or find your post so informative that they spend their time reading your blog posts?? I think so.

But of course, to interlink, you need to have a bunch of other related posts that intrigues their interest. Writing one post can be hard but two, three and four related posts??

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it seems. After you re-read your post a few times, you should be able to see where you can extend the information. If you have different headers and section, more than likely these can each be turned into their own posts. For example, this one post has the potential to be turned into 8 different ones overtime! 🤯

So grab a piece of paper and get your creative juices flowing! Brainstorm engaging add-on topics to keep your readers coming back for more!

8) Create and add newsletter subscribe embedded form

But how do you keep your readers coming back for more if they don’t know when you have more? By getting them to subscribe to your email newsletter, that’s how! So make sure you include at least one subscribe form into your blog post.

And the perfect email marketing service to help you with this is MailerLite because they are completely free for up to 1,000 subscribers and includes pop-forms, embedded forms, landing pages and more. However, I do not recommend that you place your embedded form in the beginning. But why not? Because why would the reader subscribe to your newsletter if they don’t even know if they’re going to like your post? Makes sense right? So I recommend including an embedded form in your blog post either in the middle or towards the end.

But keep in mind that once they subscribe to your email list, email marketing is a whole other story. Don’t forget to create an automation welcome email for new subscribers! Click here to sign up for MailerLite for free.

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And you’re done, congrats! Now you’re ready to publish your post! And now that you know everything you need to do before publishing that blog post.

Now Go Write That Blog Post!

Yup, there’s so much to blogging but it all starts with our blog posts – otherwise, we wouldn’t be bloggers now would we? So it’s time to create that awesome blog post and actually have it seen by the world!

Are there any steps from this list you have been missing? Which tip did you find most helpful? Please share below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?



  • Valerie

    Thank you for these great tips, Lucy! Question: should I include an embedded form to invite people to subscribe to my newsletter under every blog post? Thanks!

    • Lucy | CheersToBlogging

      Hi Valerie! I highly recommend you do add it to every post (either in the middle or at the end). The majority of people are reading blog posts through their mobile device so just having it on the sidebar won’t be enough as this doesn’t display on mobile until the very very end. So by adding it to your blog posts, it will ensure more people see the option to subscribe.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Heather Ritchie

    I love that I can use this post as a checklist! And with your descriptions, it helps us learn exactly what we need to do for each step. It’s easy to forget something whether you’re a new or experienced blogger so I love that you created this. Thank you!

  • Rachael

    I definitely agree that you should always read a post out loud. I disagree with grammarly regularly! And I like the idea of creating related posts from post headings – I had never thought of it like that before.

  • Conny

    This is a great list I am trying to follow. Maybe I should start with an outline but somehow I just write and have the outline in my head. Probably would save some time as it takes me hours to finish a blog post. Thank you

  • Chelsea

    This is so helpful!
    I don’t do a set post outline but as I go through I leave myself little notes such as ‘PIN’ or ‘PHOTO’ so I know that is where it is going to go.
    I usually use Keysearch before I even start the article as well. I also totally agree that two pins is key; there is nothing more frustrating than when you want to share someone else’s awesome article and there is no pin!!
    This is overall a great guide for all bloggers!

  • Taylor

    Number 5 is so important! I published a post this week and completely forgot to include my affiliate link disclaimer, so I had to go back and edit my post. I’m glad I caught that error before I started promoting it.

  • Ashley

    These tips are so helpful and a good reminder. I always forget to do a keyword search for my posts, as it somewhat confuses me on if they are talking about just the title, or different keywords sprinkled throughout the whole post. Either way, I really need to start doing keyword searches to help rank better and be found! Thank you for the tips!

    • Lucy | CheersToBlogging

      Yes keyword search is actually one of the most critical components to SEO. Plus it helps let you know how many people are actually looking for that topic so you focus on highly searched options.

      Glad to know this helped 🙂

      • Suresh

        Lucy I am new to blogging world I have done good research on how to start writing a blog but after reading your post I understand I missed bits and pieces in my old posts.

        Your post was very helpful for me keep writing good articles like this.

        Cheers… are awesome……
        Good Luck with your wedding to happen

    • cheerstoblogging

      Yay! Sounds like a great idea – I’m in the process of creating a checklist to complement this post as well ♥

  • Deborah DeVault

    Hey Lucy…wanted to say “awesome article”! Having a guideline to go by with specific steps provided really helps new bloggers, like myself, to stay focused and more organized. We get so lost, on occasion, as there is so much to learn and not enough hours in the day to learn it all. Appreciate the reminders and new information. Hope you have a blessed day!

    • cheerstoblogging

      No problem Deborah, I’m glad this post helped give you little reminders you may have been missing out on!

  • Daynia

    Hi Lucy! How do I do the reusable block for my affiliate link? I LEARNED SO MUCH in this one post. You’re amazing! Thanks for sharing. Lol i also learned about saving the fb sharing threads in another one of your posts. You’re my hero!

    • cheerstoblogging

      Aww haha! I’m so happy my posts are helping you out!

      Are you attempting to use a reusable block for your affiliate disclaimer or affiliate links? (I’ll also reach out to you in my Facebook group just in case you don’t see this lol)

  • Corinne Rootsey

    Thanks for this very comprehensive list, Lucy. When I just started blogging, I thought you wrote a blog post and that was it when in reality, a lot of time and deliberation go into a post before publishing it. This is a very good guide for new bloggers to follow.

    • cheerstoblogging

      LOL girl tell me about it! I had NO IDEA how much work it took to blog but I learned that real quick haha and thank you!

  • ffion

    What an incredibly comprehensive post of helpful tips and resources for bloggers. I’m one of those creating content with no one seeing it so I’ll be using these tips for sure.

  • sean m griffin

    Great read! I love the tips and I really love the colors! your website is very positive and inviting and I enjoy reading your articles!

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