How does working from home and being your own boss sound? Can you envision yourself spending more fun time with your family and less time stressing about work? Whoa, that would be a dream come true! So let’s help you get there 😉

About the Blog

Cheers to Blogging was born only a few months after the original blog, Cheers to Life Blogging. But this one is special because it’s focused on helping your develop and grow your blog brand.

As a course junkie, I’ve learned from the best of the best. So now, it’s my turn to share what I’ve learned with you. Here, you’ll learn different tips, blogging hacks and which resources will help get your blog brand going.

Now, I’m not going to make it seem like blogging is easy, because it’s not. I am always honest with my readers so trust me when I say that blogging can be challenging. You will likely face many trials and errors but that’s all in the blogging game. But don’t worry, I’m here to simplify your life.

When you go through the posts, you will see the overall blogging goals I want you to achieve – to have fun blogging the right way. Blog smarter, not harder.

So if you’re serious about blogging, and still wish to pursue it after my little sweet pep talk (haha), then you’re about to start cheering to blogging!

About the Name

Well this one was quite easy actually. It’s a “spin-off” to the original which comes from a dinner tradition we have started at home. Every night before we eat, we go around the table and “Cheers” to something good in the day. It’s a way for us to remember that there is always something to be thankful for.

This is what led to the inspiration of the blog brand name – “Cheers to ____.” So if you’re having a rough day and can’t think of anything else to cheers to, remember that you can always cheers to blogging… because it takes a lot out of us to be bloggers so Cheers to YOU! 🥂

About Your Blogger

Hey there! My name is Lucy. ♥ If you’ve been following me, then you already know that I like to make a genuine connection with my readers. I truly care about providing value to help you become successful.

But who am I? Here are some quick facts about me:

– I’m a full-time working mother to an amazing 7-year old boy (he’s a little sports athlete who keeps me busy for sure) and a newborn baby girl

– Wife to an amazing husband who is incredibly supportive and is my number one fan

– Traveling the world is my dream! Who doesn’t want to do this?

– When I’m not blogging or working my day job, we have tons of movie and game night sessions. We’re a pretty competitive family and do not go easy on my son haha!

– Oh and my absolute favoriteeeeee holiday is Christmas!!! I get extraa cheerful during the holiday season so don’t be surprised when all the chirpiness comes around LOL!

Connect With Me

Join my super engaged Facebook blogging community here. It’s only been a few weeks since it launched and the number of members and engagement level is insane! It’s one like no other for sure.

Of course, you can also follow me on my social media accounts. Visit here to check out my brand portfolio.

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?